Wednesday, August 16, 2017


(Independent Release)

PRISMIND is a Canadian metal band based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Formed in  2013, the group is known for its intricate guitar solos, amazing rhythm section and soaring vocals.
Combining their influences of British heavy metal with a strong prog metal influence. The band is comprised of guitarist Kelly Kereliuk, bassist Justin Faragher and drummer Mike Harshaw and singer John Mamone. The band's debut, 'Disciples By Design' possesses all the metal meets prog elements in terms of good musicianship, solid song structures making for a lasting listening experience. The album starts off strong with, 'Pawns Of The Dammed'
which has a killer hook and quite a catchy melody. The album continues with the powerful tracks, "Dagger", "Slaves To The Machine", "Diamond Eye" and "Our Broken Fate"until it reaches the album's high point, "Palace Of The Mighty And The High", which is just sheer prog-metal brilliance. The album then continues with several more strong songs - though not quite on par with the first set of songs for the most part - and really never has a song that lets you down or you'd consider a filler. What I like about Prismind's approach is that instead of going the show-off wanky approach that a lot of bands take, they go the route of careful arrangement of all facets of the music, and in the end have crafted an album of wonderfully catchy-yet deceptively complex, deep songs. If you haven't heard Prismind before check out 'Disciples By Design', I would recommend this album to anyone who likes hard, progressive virtuoso rock. You won't be disappointed. 
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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