Monday, September 9, 2019

CD REVIEW: RITUAL by Tygers Of Pan Tang

RITUAL by Tygers Of Pan Tang
(Mighty Music)

Tygers Of Pan Tang follow-up their 2016 self titled outing with, the highly anticipated new release, 'Ritual'. If you thought the band would take their foot off the pedal to the metal, you've got another thing coming. The new album is a powerhouse of a hard rocking masterpiece that delivers a sonic listening experience from beginning to end. Comprised of Jacopo Meille on vocals, Robb Weir on guitars, Michael McCrystal on guitars, Gav Gray on bass and Craig Ellis on drums and percussion. The band unleashes a barrage of hard rocking riffs every fan of Tygers Of Pan Tang, young or old will be cranking to maximum volume and getting their rocks off to proudly. From it's rock solid production and sound, to the strong songwriting and right-on-target musicianship, from every vocal note and lyric, to every riff and solo, to every drum beat, you name it, the band deliver goods ten fold. Album standouts, in my opinion, are, "Worlds Apart", "Spoils Of War" the lead off single, "White Lines", "The Art Of Noise" and "Sail On", but every single song on here shreds. Phenomenal piece of work here. Overall, 'Ritual', is a very well-conceived and well executed album that should please rock music fans worldwide. It is immediately satisfying and just gets better with repeated listens. Believe me, it will be in your player for weeks. Hands down, one my favorite Hard Rock releases for 2019. -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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