Wednesday, August 15, 2018


HOLDING ON TO NOTHING by Broken Testimony
(Thermal Entertainment)

South Carolina based rock quartet, Broken Testimony burst onto the scene with their strong debut outing, 'Holding On To Nothing', a energizing listening experience with melodic sung vocals, powerful screams and addicting choruses, killer, energetic, hard-hitting riffs, driving, thumping bass lines and solid, powerful and thunderous drumming throughout. Comprised of, Judge Page on guitar and vocals, Nic Delvaux on guitar, Justin King on and drummer, Bryce Chism. I have to say after a couple of listens,  these guys are no question one of the better mainstream hard rock/alternative metal bands that I've had the pleasure of listening to and one of the better modern hard rock bands on the scene today. A musical vibe that at times, for me, borrows from such band like, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin and Tool. The songwriting and the musicianship are on point and the production is rock solid. As is evident on album highlights like, "Control", "One Day""Fade Away" and  "Medusa", the lyrics are just excellent and full of meaning. They're full of emotions that fans of rock are used to dealing with such as anger, rage, loss, distrust, and disappointment, and these guys definitely do a great job at making these subjects feel and sound fresh. Overall, 'Holding On To Nothing' rocks, the songs distinguish themselves more from each other, making it grow on you and I enjoyed listening to it repeatedly. Kudos to the band for a job well done!Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


SOMETIMES THE WORLD AIN'T ENOUGH by The Night Flight Orchestra
(Nuclear Blast)

The Swedish rock and roll machine known as The Night Flight Orchestra are back with their highly anticipated fourth studio release, 'Sometimes The World Ain't Enough'. Picking up where their previous outing, 'Amber Galactic', left off, the band serve up a album that is loaded with songs that are melodic yet have a classic rock vibe. Think Alan Parsons Project, Manfred Mann, Barclays Harvest etc....and you get the idea. One thing is for certain, they are addicting. It still blows my mind this band consists of members of various Swedish melodic death metal bands such as Soilwork and Arch Enemy. Just like on their previous outings, this one is dripping with classic rock influences, from the stellar guitar melodies courtesy of by David Andersson to the catchy keyboard accompaniments to the fantastic and solid vocals by Speed. The album offers up 13 tracks, highlighted by the adrenaline pumping, "This Time", the lead off single, "Paralyzed", "Moments Of Thunder", that should be the next single for radio play. "Speedwagon", "Can't Be That Bad" and "Winged and Serpentine". The bottom line, 'Sometimes the World Ain't Enough' is an instant classic. Cannot recommend The Night Flight Orchestra enough and this latest release is definitely be one of my favorite music release of this year.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, August 6, 2018


LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE by The Tracy G. Group
(Spooky G. Music)

Guitarist Tracy G. (x-WWIII/Dio) along with his group, Michael Beatty on vocals, Randy Oviedo on bass and Adrian Aguilar on drums, are back with their latest slab of audio intensity, 'Land Of Make Believe', a well-rounded album with enough heaviness and energy to satisfy listeners who enjoyed the group's previous outing 'Tramp'. The songwriting is excellent (as all the songs are well-arranged and interesting), the band is solid, Tracy G.'s guitar tones are great, and the lyrics and singing are thoughtful and good. Each song has merit, as I feel there is no filler music here. As is evident with the opening instrumental, "Lil Diddy", exhibiting not only Tracy G.'s six string intensity, but as the overall tight chemistry that the members have. The lead off single, "False Reality" is up next. A powerful number that hits hard on issues that are going on in the world today. Other song highlights are, "Throw It All Away", "Warped Out", the title track and "Break Away". All in all, it is full of shred throughout the entire thing with some very interesting diversions along the way.  Michael Betty's vocals ripped my speakers, and the rhythm section of bassist Randy Oviedo and drummer Adrian Aguilar definitely shook my foundation! The Tracy G. Group lets the music speak for itself, simply speaking, 'Land Of Make Believe'  is one of the most intense listens I've had this year. This new release makes the Tracy G. Group a sound that is current and new, and I think it also gives them a great edge with attracting new listeners. It should be mandatory for anybody that claims to be a hard rock music fan. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society