Thursday, March 14, 2019

CD REVIEW: AIN'T NO REST by Wicked Stone

AIN'T NO REST by Wicked Stone
(Wicked Stone Music)

'Ain't No Rest', the powerhouse debut release from the UK based Wicked Stone is a adrenaline pumping audio thrill ride that is packed with songs powered by guitar riffs that will grab you, give you a good shaking and won't let go, and nor would you want them to! Formed in 2015, Wicked Stone are, Joe Hawx on vocals, James Forrister on guitars, James Amos on bass and Olly Smith on drums. This album just goes for the throat from start to finish, excellent guitar work, hard pounding drums, and strong solid vocals to boot, not this cookie monster stuff that many new "metal" groups are putting out. Highlights include, "Ain't No Rest", "One Time", "Get In Or Get Out", "Rattlesnake" and " Set Me On Fire". The musicianship is very solid, genuine, and impressive. Joe Hawks' vocals are impressive and downright awesome, and with James Forrister, cranking and riffing out heavy, crunching riffs and fantastic solos that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand. James Amos does some nice work with his bass, and drummer Olly Smith pounds out some rocking fills that will get you in that rocking mood.  Overall, if you enjoy hard rock, heavy metal, alternative metal, whatever, then you'll definitely be impressed with what Wicked Stone has created and delivered with this release is indeed pure hard rock for the ages. Wicked Stone is exactly what rock music needs right now.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


(Independent Release)

The Atlanta, Georgia based rockers, The Pinx are back with their third release, 'Sisters & Brothers' a album that is filled with roots-based rock ‘n’ roll that has a strong connection to early, soulful blues played with a naturally primal energy and a raw rock feel. The sound here feels pure, unadulterated, with a very clean, hard-edged live-in-the-studio aura. The Pinx are compromised of, Adam McIntyre on lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals and percussion, Chance McColl on guitar and backing vocals, Jonathan Lee on bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on "All Over Now" and Dwayne Jones on drums. The new album has great songs on it. Each track resounds with their signature blues-rock sound accompanied by Adam McIntyre's bluesy vocal swagger. This is one of the most talented vocalists of recent memory. Clearly, he is no solo act, his band mates are easily able to keep pace with him.  This is not music of the moment, but songs with an eternal appeal and played with a passionate immersion. Album highlights include, "Mercy", "Time & Trouble", "Magic Touch", "Daughter Of The River" and "Sisters & Brothers". There is a freshness to the songs that give them a magical type quality when the music is coming out of your speakers. Overall, 'Sisters & Brothers' is a great album from a band that is absolutely worth paying attention to. The Pinx with this release continue to evolve their sound and refine their rock sound. With definite roots to bands of the past, this album really pushes the band forward with a new sound and feel that still fits well within what rock and roll fans want to hear making for an unforgettable sonic experience.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, March 8, 2019

CD REVIEW: 100% PROOF by Gin Annie

100% PROOF by Gin Annie
(Off Yer Rocks)

UK based five piece rock outfit, Gin Annie is a very refreshing melodic hard rock band in today's rock music scene. The band's debut as titled, is '100 % Proof' pure guitar powered rock that is high energy from start to finish. The band is comprised of, Dave Foster on vocals, Byron Garbett on guitars and vocals, Brian Green on guitar and vocals, Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows on bass and Jack Ryland-Smith on drums. Strong, groovy riffs; Classic pounding drums, and strong Vocals. The band's influences are definitely worn on their sleeves but a great modern edge too. Their debut album has no filler; it's all melodic hard rock goodness from start to finish. Highlighted by such killer tracks like, "Love Ain't Here", "Dead & Gone", "New Bad Habit", "Fallin'" and "Born To Rock N' Roll", but you could pop this bad boy in, hit play at any point and find a killer track. The bottom line here is the music is great, the vocals amazing, and the lyrical subjects different from all the teenage angst in the hard rock scene today. If your album collection needs a injection of new life in it, then go out, and check out Gin Annie, this band deliver the goods. Highly recommended to any rock music fan and a amazing new band that has a great future ahead of them.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society



If you live in the Los Angeles area particularly Santa Monica, you may have seen them kicking out the jams on the boardwalk. Maybe you've seen them on "World's Best" on television. I'm talking about the Metal band, Liliac. A young Heavy Metal band made up of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Melody on lead vocals and bass, Sam on lead guitar, Ethan on guitar,  Abby on drums and Justin on keyboards. The thing that really sealed the deal for me was watching their video of them covering Dio's "Rainbow In The Dark". Wow! I was blown away. If you haven't yet,  I highly suggest checking out their YouTube videos, Liliac are the real deal. The cast of musicians is superb, the effort and quality is evident.  I know the idea of a bunch of teens playing hard rock music may seem phony at first, but I am here to let you know, these teens can rock out with the best of them. That is exactly what the band do on their six song debut Ep, 'Chain Of Thorns'. All six tracks are great from the opening, "Chain Of Thorns", to "Hit The Lights", the production is solid. The musicianship and Melody's powerful vocals combine for an awesome metallic wall of sound. Overall, 'Chain Of Thorns' is a very impressive debut and great introduction to a band that have a very promising future. Liliac are going to be around for a while as they have real talent. So do yourself a favor and support this band as they are keeping Heavy Metal music alive!   - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, March 7, 2019



Berlin based prog rockers Green Desert Tree are truly an amazing band for this time and space - unafraid to mix heavy and ethereal to create musical masterworks that harken back to the early and mid-'70's when it was acceptable for rock bands to include mellow material without being pummeled with rotten produce. This is the fault of the music industry's penchant for extreme categorization that restricts creativity and promotes blandness on a major scale. Green Desert Tree are here to change that with their amazing debut release, 'Progressive Worlds'. Comprised of, Timo Enders on vocals and guitar, Tim Sund on keyboards and synthesizers, Simon Rainer on guitar,  Alex Will on bass and Jonathan Gradmannn drums. The band presents an exciting, multi-layered and multifaceted conceptual piece that simmers, burns and caresses, while leaving you wanting more. Providing a musical excellence, and creating a kind of ethereal atmosphere ; will take one on  a wonderful trip full of sounds and lyrical content without sounding forced or rushed. These talented musicians are nuanced, they explode where necessary but they can also play with the most exquisite precision and delicacy where the song demands it. Album highlights include, the epic ,"Progressive Worlds", "Cure For Change", "The Beast Of Prey" and "Devil in Disguise". Green Desert Tree definitely sets a new prog-rock standard with, 'Progressive Worlds', a beyond brilliant progressive rock recording that perfectly combines elements of Genesis, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, Saga and Yes.  I highly recommend them to anyone with an interest in progressive rock or to the merely musically adventurous. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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Saturday, February 23, 2019


(Small Stone Records)

The Canadian powerhouse rock trio known as La Chinga are back with their third studio release, 'Beyond The Sky'. For those reading about this power trio for the first time. Let me break it down for you. Take one cup of rock and roll swagger and attitude then add a healthy dose of MC5 meets Led Zeppelin rock fury with a shot of Jack! Yup, that's about what you'd get with La Chinga. Carl Spackler on bass and vocals, Ben Yardley on guitars and vocals and Jason Solyom on drums. The boys unleash sonic fury and devastate the cosmos with mega bursts of thunder and lightning! Their latest slab of in your face rock doesn't have a dud on it. You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. My favorites are "Nothin' That I Can Do", "Mamma Boogie", "Keep On Rollin'", "Death Rider" and "Warlords". This recording is what Rock and Roll is all about. A power rock trio with a bold infused sound with deep guitar licks from Ben Yardley. Powerful precision drumming from Jason Solyom and the uninhibited vocal energy of Carl Spackler.  This is what rock music is supposed to sound like. It just amazes me that this is the band's third release and they are not more well known yet, but hopefully that will change after this release. If you are a classic rock, or rock fan in general, you will love what La Chinga bring to the table. Just be sure your stereo can handle it though. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, February 21, 2019


BLIND RIVER by Blind River
(House Of Bones)

The self titled debut release from the five piece UK rock band, Blind River fires on all cylinders and pulls no punches. The whole album is soaked with in your face rockers that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. From the opening riff, you are placed on familiar but fresh musical ground. The band is comprised of, Harry Armstrong (Earls of Mars, End of Level Boss and Hangnail) on vocals, Dan Edwards (Pig Iron and Sons of Merrick) on guitar duties. Chris Charles (Godsized and Alzir) also on guitar.  Andrew Esson (Motherload and Godsized) leathering the drums. Will Hughes who has depped for the Nik Turner (ex Hawkind) band and plays for Alzir on the bass. The album moves from one song to the next, each with their own individual swagger coming together with a certain cohesion. You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. My personal favorites are "Going Nowhere", "Resurrection Sister", "Life Gets Lost", and "Freedom Dealer". Harry Armstrong's whisky powered bluesy vocals along with a band that are tight and deliver the rock and roll goods is what pushes these songs over the top. Truly a breath of fresh air in the boiled-down, almost-dead, pure rock genre. It usually takes me a few listens to an album to really appreciate it. This album hit me so hard I turned it up to '11' on first play, WHOAH, WHAT A RUSH!   - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society