Tuesday, January 15, 2019


(Grooveyard Records)

The debut release, 'Beneath The Surface' from Vindicata isboth epic in scope and powerful in tone. There is a very accessible vibe to the album.  Fronted by the powerful vocals of Mary Magill, along with a group of excellent musicians in the form of former Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland, Jim McCrostie and Brett Pedersen on guitars, Matt Hansen on bass and Pete Weaver on drums. The album's production is on point from start to finish; no track gets left behind. All thirteen tracks are amazing highlighted by "Death Defying Years", "Heavy Crowns", "Leap Off The Earth",  "Edge Of Sleep"and "Wasting Away". There is not one weak track here, each one containing something to coax the listener into a state of willful addiction. There is a constant flow of creativity, with Magill's vocal prowess shimmering over the arrangements.Overall, 'Beneath The Surface' is such an all around amazing work loaded with thirteen incredibly powerful songs that are filled with amazing vocals, talented musicianship, that will have your undivided attention throughout. This recording has got power, intensity, emotion and melody all balanced and wrapped up into one ball of pure brilliance. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Sunday, January 13, 2019


(Qumran and No Dust Records)

The sophomore release from the Doom Metal juggernaut known as Spillage, comes alive in the form of, 'Blood Of Angel'.  Produced by Trouble guitarist Bruce Franklin and mixed by The Skull guitarist Lothar Keller, is a masterclass in the art of the almighty "Heavy Riff". The band is comprised of, Elvin Rodriguez on vocals, Tony Spillman on guitars, Nick Bozidarevic on guitars, Billy McGuffey on bass,
Chris Martins on drums and Paul Rau on keyboards. The metallic mayhem served up pulsates with a conviction that cannot be faked. Musically powerful and filled with bold lyrics and smoldering twin-lead metal riffs galore! reminding me of something one would hear from Candlemass or Black Sabbath. From start to finish the band does not hold back nothing back as they dish out doom laden riffs that go for the throat! As is evident on tracks like, the title track, "Living In Hell", Rough Grooved Surface" , "Eyes Of A Snake" and "Voice Of Reason", both tracks clocking in just over six minutes. The band also serves up a killer rendition of Sabbath's "Dirty Woman". The bottom line is, what we have here is heaping spoonful of well written doom infused heavy metal served up on a plate of fat Mesa Boogie amps. These tunes absolutely groove and the vibe created here is something special. If you love bands like Black Sabbath or Trouble (what metalhead wouldn't?), you'll love what Spillage bring to the table. The bottom line here is, 'Blood Of Angels' is a incredible album that is a beast and one that begs to played at maximum volume.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, January 12, 2019


(Independent Release)

When I heard that former Inglorious guitarist Wil "Bily" Taylor was forming a new project called Deever, I wondered if, as far as musical direction, would this be a continuation of what he did in his previous stint? The answer to my question was soon answered once I pressed play. The band's debut, 'You Need This' takes elements of hard rock and fuses it with a  modern day rock vibe creating a powerful diverse rock sound. Along with Taylor aside from playing guitar and also handling lead vocals, the band is comprised of, Stevie Stoker on guitar and vocals, Phil Appleton on bass and vocals and Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins on drums. What makes this band so incredibly strong are the riffs. They get stuck in your head. As is evident by such killer tracks like, "Fire At Will", "Alright", "Parachute", "Only Enemy" and "I Am The Cavalry". The diversity in the cuts keep the mind hungry to hear that next track. Front to back this is a well balanced and solid rock recording that will provide the listener with a great rock experience.  In a time with so much garbage being peddled to us by floundering record companies, a band like Deever stands out and deliver the goods.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, January 11, 2019


(Spooky G. Music)

The debut monster collaboration, 'Psychobilly Nightmare World' from San Diego based singer Ron Houston (Sickstring Outlaws) and veteran guitarist Tracy G. (WW III/Dio) is a modern day metal juggernaut that will grabs you by the short hairs and won't let them go until the last track. This is a album that will without a doubt test how loud your sound system can actually go! I kid you not. Each song rips with heavy, aggressive power of Ron Houston's vocal guttural growl combined with Tracy G.'s sinister metallic riffs. Album highlights include, "It Ain't Easy Being Me", "Spin The Barrel", "Playing With The Devil", the psychotic groove of "The Nuclear Games", "Junkhouse" and the metallic maniacal twist on the Black Flag Punk classic, "Nervous Breakdown". Tracy G.'s  riffing is heavy and hits like a sledgehammer. Combined with Ron Houston's vocals that enhance the bad ass swagger of the music. His vocals are delivered with such power and force that they will bring shivers up and down your spine. The bottom line here is, this is perfect hard rock music to beat somebody's ass to. Which is always a plus in my book! Absolutely heavy and ferocious. It will either leave you with your mouth hanging open in "awe" or banging your head until your neck hurts, Or both! To quote a line from the movie, "Dune", "Mother! The Sleeper has awaken! Psychobilly Nightmare World', is strong debut outing that is only the tip of the iceberg of greater and louder things to come from this duo. Consider yourselves warned. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


(Spooky G. Music)

Words like, intense, powerful and unique come to mind when I think of guitarist Tracy G.'s guitar playing. Having served up intense riff in WW III and DIO, Tracy G. has proven that he is a true, "Jedhi Riff Master". This recording is a good place for fans who want to get a small taste of what Tracy musical genius is all about. It doesn't offer up the cream of his works, for that you have to span his whole catalog. But still this is a great place to start. A great selection of Tracy's best work. For me, Tracy G. has got to be one of the most gifted and sorely underated electric guitarists on the planet. All his work is mind blowing. Now, if you want classical guitar playing  you probably won't find this as good as Joe Satriani or John Petrucci, buy if you like new age guitar playing, Tracy G. delivers the goods in spades. As evident on tracks like, "Sciatica (Revisited) "P.C.H.","Babalushi" and "Space Beast", each song has a life of it's own and will move you in different ways. Not only does it show a big variety of the way he plays, but it has his best songs. Tracy G.'s Anthology is a recording worthy of repeat listening and experiencing that sums up, what so far, has been a killer career. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


(Grooveyard Records)

When one thinks of the guitar sound of the 70's, band's like Mountain, Cream and Budgie come to mind. One band that flew under the radar was Rockicks. The band was comprised ofJerry Zubal, on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Brian Naughton on guitar and vocals, Sammy Pate Jr. on bass and vocals and Rick Altschuler on drums. They may not have been as popular as heavy hitters of that era, but the band could serve up the six string riffage with the best of them. 'Keep On Rockin' (A Retrospective Anthology) is a great representation of how awesome this band truly was. A two disc set loaded with 29 scorching guitar driven rockers that will get your adrenaline pumping in no time flat! Highlighted by rockers like, "Shakin'", "Rock N' Roll Band", "Reach For The Sky", "Do Or Die", "Hard To Handle" and "Get The Lead Out". To my ears it sounds like they're live recordings without the audience noise, which adds a certain power to them that I love. This set truly harnesses the highlights of a band should have been huge. Kudos go out to Grooveyard Records for putting out this great set together and introducing a great band to a new generation of guitar fanatics as well as bringing back great memories to those of us that experienced the golden era of "Guitar Rock". All in all, 'Keep On Rockin' (A Retrospective Anthology)', is a in your face guitar riff loaded set of classic guitar rock that fans of the genre should definitely have in their collection.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, January 3, 2019

CD REVIEW: MOTHER by Electric Mary

MOTHER by Electric Mary
(Listenable Records)

Veteran Aussie rockers are back with their fourth studio release, 'Mother', and just like the band's previous outings, this is a album that grabs you by the collar and demands you to turn up the volume knob up as far as you can. Your car's speaker system will be tested, believe me. In your face
hard guitar rock fronted by stadium-rocker vocals and played with an unusual depth of character and soul.  Electric Mary is comprised of, Rusty Brown on lead vocals, Peter Robinson on guitar and vocals, Brett Wood on guitar and vocals. Alex Raunjak on bass and Spyder on drums. These guys know where their strengths lie and how to use each member's immense talent to their ultimate advantage. Hats off to Rusty Brown who once again delivers vocals with a fiery-fueled purpose while the dual guitar pyrotechnics of Robinson and Wood are simply superb with Raunjak and Spyder providing the band with its rock solid foundation.  The quality of the songs and the song writing are spot on! You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. My favorites are  "Gimme Love", "Hold Onto What You Got", "The Way You Make Me Feel" and the lead off single, "Woman". Truly a breath of fresh air in the boiled-down, almost-dead, pure hard rock genre. This is a ass-kickin’, gutsy, bluesy infused hard rock album for music lovers who want to experience pure rock ecstasy. Put simply, Electric Mary are the real thing, and they rock like a Mother!  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society