Wednesday, January 1, 2014


CONTROL by The Brew
(Jazzhaus Records)

The British rock trio known as The Brew are back with their latest release, 'Control'. This is the band's fourth release and if you love the band's previous releases, you are going to hands down love this one!  Produced by Toby Jepson (The Answer/The Virginmarys) and mixed by Steve Harris (U2/Santana). The trio wanted to for a raw live feel for this release. All the effects on the album were done in the moment to the point where you hear the pedals being turned on and off! There's something almost larger-than-life about The Brew's sound, with their lyrics and musical skills. There is some mind blowing heaviosity served up here. In the vein of classic rock giants like Led Zeppelin and The Who with a modern day vibe of Wolfmother and The Black Keys. With this release, The Brew prove that they are more than the sum of their influences. They have energy, they have skill, and they sound fresh. The Brew are, Jason Barwick on guitar and vocals, Tim Smith on bass and Kurtis Smith on LOUD drums.  The songs on 'Control' cover a range of tempos and emotions. The opening "Repeat" is a rocker of a song that will make you sit up and listen! The next track, "Eject," is guaranteed to rock you, a song where everything comes together just right. The bluesy swagger of "Mute" powered by the ballsy vocals of Jason Barwick and his trusted six string. The tight rhythm section of bassist Tim Smith and drummer Kurtis Smith can be heard on the swell strokes of, "Pause" and "Shuffle". The remaining tracks, ten total, are rock solid and will push your sound system to the maximum! The trio's chemistry is tighter that a licked stamp on an envelope and more reason why The Brew, when it comes to serving up rock music that is powerful and passion filled, these lads deliver the goods. From start to finish 'Control' is one of the most complete and compelling albums I have heard in quite some time. This album feels, sounds, and moves you in a way that is uniquely fresh and distinct from an industry full of filler contrived to satiate an audience which seemingly pays only for cookie-cutter sounds.  Influences from so many genres bleed into this album and swirl into an amazing blend of one tour de force sound. This is old-school, power rock trio, rock-n-soul played the way it was meant to be played. I haven't been this excited about a band for a very, very long time! The Brew, a great rock band that serve up classic rock for the 21st Century! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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