Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Keith Slack (vocals)- Chris Lyne (guitar) - Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards) - Athanasios Zacky Tsoukas (drums) and Frank Binke (bass)

DRIVE by Mother Road
(AOR Heaven Records)

'Drive', the powerhouse debut release from Austin, Texas based Mother Road is a collection of hard, blues flavored rock, that is raw and laden with emotion. Mother Road is made up of Keith Slack (Steelhouse Lane/MSG) on vocals, Chris Lyne (Soul Doctor) on guitars, Frank Binke on bass, Alessandro DelVecchio on keyboards and Zacky Tsoukas on drums. Keith Slack's voice is perfectly suited to the genre, displaying a wide range, in a variety of styles, from all out rockers like The album opener "The Sun Will Shine Again", the foot stomping rocker, "Feather In Your Hat" and the bump and grind swagger of "Drive Me Crazy" to slow bluesy movers like, "Out Of My Mind", "These Shoes", a powerful song that has that Bad Company meets Whitesnake vibe. The whole album is amazing! Other tracks guaranteed to satisfy your rock appetite, "Dangerous Highway", "Poor Boy ( Long Way Out )", "Dirty Little Secret" and "Blue Eyes". Slack' s ability to infuse genuine feeling into the music, is one of the keys to its appeal. This is music that taps into the roots of blues based hard rock. Chris Lyne gets a chance to put his talents on display and does an amazing job in the rhythm and lead guitar here. The guy rocks hard with his great tone and aggressive phrasing. He sounds very raw, hitting you straight on your face, ripping off everything around him when it's time to spit a flashy solo out, while heavily riffing almost all the remaining time. Complementing Slack and Lyne with a rock solid foundation are Frank Binke, Zacky Tsoukas and Alessandro DelVecchio.  Overall, 'Drive' by Mother Road is a bluesy hard rock release, with evident influences from Bad Company, early Whitesnake and some other British hard rock bands. These songs are also catchy and are played with a deep feeling and attitude, although they are not breaking any ground, to be sincere. In one sentence: a great debut release with amazing vocals, superb guitars and stellar musicianship. Mother Road is the type of band you'd go see and there would be no fancy clothes, no half dressed chicks dancing on stage, just a bunch of guys in jeans and t-shirts with some Marshalls and their instruments. They'd plug in and they'd blow you away!  These boys are BADASS! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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