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INTO THE OPEN by 21 Octayne
(AFM Records)

'Into The Open' the stunning debut outing for 21 Octayne makes a strong and lasting impression. The band features Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project), Marco Wriedt (Axxis) , Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer (Paul Gilbert) and Alex Landenburg (Rhapsody) . After gaining extensive experience in the music business including recording albums and touring worldwide, the time felt right for them to form a new band that embraced their individual styles. Naturally one would expect that 21 Octayne sound like a mixture of the three bands mentioned above. Well there is a certain amount of truth but fact is that this project has a sound of its own.  From heavy rockers and catchy classic Rock to mid tempo movers 21 Octayne is a true representation of musical diversity. They define the future of contemporary rock. Every song has something different, its not just the same old rock songs over and over again. From the opening number, "She's Killing Me", the band come armed and ready to make sure you listening experience is one to remember. The diversity I mentioned comes into play on tracks like, "Dear Friends", starting off slow then exploding into an all out rocker. "Turn The World", the title track, "Me Myself And I", and "Leave My Head", are other stellar examples of just how good this band truly is. 'Into The Open' is my first introduction to 21 Octayne, but it definitely won't be my last! These guys put out an awesome debut album that is diverse, loaded with great songs and full of hooks and catchy choruses. Every once in a long while a release comes along that smacks you upside the head and this album is it! A album that just gets better with each new listen. Great band, that I'm sure we'll be hearing from for years to come. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Galvanized Souls
(Rockerrazzi Records)

Southern California rockers, Galvanized Souls is a quartet of California teenagers, who are focused with their eye of the prize determined to take shake things up big time with enthusiasm and dedication to take their musical abilities to whole new level well beyond their years. Though endlessly compared to the vocal stylings of Alice In Chains meets Nirvana with a dash of Foo Fighters, Galvanized Souls stands firmly on its own and gets kudos for their originality, intensity, and sincerity.  Formed in December of 2012, band members Chris (guitar/vocals),Zakk (guitar/lead vocals), Matthew (bass/vocals) , and Kevin (drums). The band's self titled five song EP has already merited numerous listens from me. Present on this recording is a sonic cohesiveness and musical delivery that works quite well. The band describes their sound as “Modern Grunge”. The musicianship is solid throughout, with catchy guitar riffing and hard, nimble drumming. From the moment, "Shut You Down" comes on the band have your undivided attention. The remaining tracks, "Behind Green Eyes", "Normalicy", "Fall of Icarus" and " Kingdom Of No One" are all solid , featuring grinding guitars and big choruses along strong vocal harmonies that will remain embedded in my head for hours. This album is powerfully emotional in its content, and compassionate in its presentation. The scary thing about this band is they are young, hungry and have tons of potential. The proof is in their music. This Ep is just the tip of the iceberg! The future definitely looks bright for Galvanized Souls. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine 

RISE UP by Saliva
( 10 Spot Records)

One of the big questions I had before listening to the latest release 'Rise Up' from Saliva the band's eight studio release was, would the addition of new singer Bobby Amaru be the right choice to replace original singer Josey Scott would left the band two years ago?  My question was answered as soon as I pressed play and the title track exploded out of speakers! Wow! Amaru is a perfect fit! The chemistry He has with l longtime members Wayne Swinny (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Dave Novotny (bass, backing vocals), and Paul Crosby (drums), and has given Saliva a shot of rock and roll testosterone that pushes the band's sound onto a whole new level while still retaining the group's trademark elements. One of the noticeable changes I noticed right off the bat was the aggressiveness of the band musical delivery. On previous outings there maybe one or two ballads on 'Rise Up', the boys go full board for the jugular! There are a couple mid tempo movers, but the on this release the boys flex their rock and roll muscle big time!As is evident on tracks like the turbo charged, "She Can Sure Hide Crazy", the down and dirty swagger of "No One But Me", "Redneck Freakshow", a track which I'm sure be rocking arenas and stadiums this Summer. The same goes for, "Army" and "In It To Win It". All twelve tracks that make up the album are certified 100% rockers! If you are a fan of the band you are sure to get your rocks off with, 'Rise Up', produced Bobby Huff (Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, Tim Finn)  it's an album that loaded great songs with big hooks, tons of attitude and swagger! What more more could any true dedicated rocker want?! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Megaforce Records)

Mushroomhead, the influential industrial metal band from Cleveland, OH, unleash their eighth studio album 'The Righteous & The Butterfly'. All the players are present and accounted for, J Mann: Vocals, Jeffrey Nothing : Vocals, Waylon : Vocals, Shmotz : Keyboards Skinny : Drums, Stitch : Samples & Drums, Church : Guitar, Dr. F : Bass and Roberto Diablo : Drums. The Righteous & The Butterfly' was recorded in Cleveland, the band self produced the record with longtime co-producer Bill Korecky. The album is fully loaded with 14 tracks guaranteed to get you one hellava adrenaline rush. This is one of those records you need to keep in your car, play over and over in your headphones and just hear it as a whole thing. Mushroomhead still have their same trademark mix of metal, ambiance, and that something extra that cannot be named. The creativity, intensity, and allure of Mushroomhead's music is still here. Every song is uniquely structured with the familiar synth's that we all remember from earlier days. The percussion from Skinny and Roberto Diablo add a thunderous dynamic to songs like, "Our Apologies", "Devils Be Damned", "Qwerty", "Portraits of the Poor" and "Worlds Collide". The vocal work is impeccable. Jeffery Nothing has taken his original pitch and soared above, reaching stronger highs and lows, emphasizing every lyric. Waylon offers attitude and swagger on several songs, but still keeps that raging tone we first heard on previous outings. The songs on 'The Righteous & The Butterfly' are  big, the riffs are all satisfying and there are lead guitar breaks going off left, right and center. The combination of this direction and the existing styles of vocals, keyboards and electronics result in a brilliant and utterly enjoyable record. Overall; for a fan of the band, 'The Righteous & The Butterfly' is an absolute must-have. A powerhouse of a recording that can just stay on replay!! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

AWEN by Sanford Music Factory
(Shiroten Records)

Hailing from Spain, Sanford Music Factory, Fernán Varela (vocals), Xurxo (guitar), Beny (bass) and Miguel Anxo (drums). The band's sophomore release, 'Awen' is very varied recording that infuses classic rock, folk, a bit of progressive rock and stoner. Sanford Music Factory doesn't succumb and conform to all the bland trends found so prominently in today's music. This is a band who doesn't get any media support but have a huge underground following. SMF posses an extremely tight-knit sound that mixes melody with modern day rock music at free will. Fernán Varela's vocals are solid. Xurxo's guitar work comes in spurts in all the right places, and meanwhile, drummer Miguel Anxo and bassist Beny provide that band with a rock solid foundation.'Awen' is a bit of a concept type album in certain aspects. This is one of those rare albums that you just push play on, because every song is great. No two songs are even remotely the same. The stellar guitar work and progressive groove vibe to songs like "Nowhere", "There And Then", "Show Me The Rain" and three part epic journey of, "The Keys Of Horizon" all hearken back to the heyday of a band like Led Zeppelin with a healthy dose of modern day bands like Pearl Jam or Queens Of The Stone Age, not that these guys sound like those bands by a longshot; it's just that SMF have an aura to their sound reminiscent to those bands. What they've done is turn those similarities into something fresh and innovative. Overall, 'Awen' is an amazing listen that anyone who wants a good time listening to rock music should definitely check out. - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Frontier Records)

The build up to the release of 'Better Days Comin' from rock vets, Winger, was set with high expectations. So, did Kip and the gang pull through?! They sure did! Kip Winger (ex-Alice Cooper), Reb Beach (Whitesnake), Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse) and John Roth (Starship, Giant) shine with an intense display of incredible instrumental and vocal prowess. 'Better Days Comin'', the band's sixth album is a diverse, textured and mature album that still relishes its accessible metal sound and hair rock roots. That said, this album is very heavy, and anyone who thinks Winger can't bring down the house have got another thing coming. Kip Winger is known for his superb compositions and with this recording there is no exception, he and Reb have really out did themselves. Musically, just when you think you know where it is going to go there are little unexpected twists and turns that keep your ears at a constant state of alertness. Highlights include the hard hitting turbo charged "Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine", the down and dirty riffs and keyboard textures of "Queen Babylon", the groove laden progressive sound of "Tin Soldiers", the signature Winger rock groove of "Storm In Me", and the powerful closing track "Out Of This World", building towards a climatic pitch before Reb unleashes a huge guitar solo. The deluxe edition comes with the essential bonus track "Another Beautiful Day" and a making of the album short film along with film clips for "Rat Race" and "Better Days Comin'". This one will be on heavy repeat on the Ipod for a good long time. Shuffle it up with the first three albums for a fun cross referendum on who and exactly what Winger is. Thanks for the memories boys and for making new ones for us. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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