Wednesday, August 20, 2014


GHOSTS by Big Wreck
(Rounder Records)

Canada's Big Wreck return with the follow up to their highly successful 2012 release, 'Albatross', with in my opinion, their best release to date, 'Ghosts'. This the band's fourth full length recording. Big Wreck is: Ian Thornley – vocals/guitar, Brian Doherty – guitars, Paulo Neta – guitars, Dave McMillan - Bass and Chuck Keeping – drums. I've been a big fan of Big Wreck for a decade or better. 'Ghosts' never strays too far from the Toronto-based band's defiantly untrendy Led Zep-encrusted blueprint, but this album delivers a number of standout moments. "A Place To Call Home" clocks in a tad over seven minutes a pounding, snotty Alice in Chains-like dirge, and pulsating, "I Digress" rocks with a soaring chorus and majestic lead-guitar line. The title track has that Pink Floyd vibe. Thornley's guitar solo on this song gave me goose bumps! While the carefree groove, casual vocal, and ragtime piano of "My Life" features Ian Thornley's vocals sounding better than ever. Still, those looking for head-banging epiphanies need look no further than "Friends", "Off And Running", "Come What May" and a great steamy cover of Tom Robinson's, "War Baby" or just about any one of this album's gems. 'Ghosts' has so much heart and depth that any other bands out there who are trying to emulate this should take more time thinking and less time putting together power chord progressions. If you are a current Big Wreck or Ian Thornley fan, then 'Ghosts' is a MUST HAVE album. You won't be disappointed. You will find excellent instrumentation, rhythmic and poetic lyrics, chunky guitar riffs, loads of guitar shred, a killer bass player, a solid drummer, etc. 'Ghosts' is an album that gets better the more you listen to it. And based on the quality and style, it will age well. I expect I will enjoy this album 10-15 years from now, just like their other albums. One of the best albums I've listened to in the last six months. Easily. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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  1. My favorite band in the whole wide world. Thank you Big Wreck. This is a fantastic album, and this review does a great job of rubbing that in;) xo #BigWreckMusic #ThornleyRocks