Wednesday, November 2, 2016

CD REVIEW: GO ASK THE MOON! by Angels Or Kings

GO ASK THE MOON! by Angels Or Kings
(AOR Heaven)

UK based melodic rock outfit, Angel Or Kings are back with their sophomore release, 'Go Ask The Moon!' For those new to the band it is comprised of, Baz Jackson (vocals), Tony Bell (guitar), Steve Kenny (guitar), Dave Ellis (keyboards), Daniel Bate (bass) and Andy Chemney (drums). As evident on the debut album there's clearly a musical chemistry between the members, but on this release they have built from the debut's foundations, refined their sound and solidified their song writing partnership. The new album is a wall of sound from the first to the last note, the band filling every second with something interesting. It's got hooks, it's got melody, it's got soaring vocals, sweeping keys, and amazing axework. The opening track "No More Faith" is just a killer melodic hard rock tune and it just gets better from there with melodic gems like,  "Ancient Fires", "No Alibi" "When The Heart Is Wrong", "Waiting For The Thunder" and "Heartbreak Railroad Company". All in all, this is a superb slab of melodic hard rock. Solid production, great songs and another fine example of what melodic rock should sound like when it is written, performed and produced by a band with a burning passion for what they are doing and who are also at the very top of their game! Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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