Wednesday, January 4, 2017


VENDETTA by Niterain
(Live Music)

Norwegian rockers, Niterain are back with their sophomore release, 'Vendetta', following up on the heels on their powerful debut, 'Crossfire'. Sebastian Tvedtnæs – vocals, Adrian Persen – guitar, Frank Karlsen – bass and Morten Garberg – drums. While their debut had killer songs for the most part this new album is a whole different beast.  The songs are heavy, and in-your-face, yet also highly melodic, and filled with killer solos. Singer Sebastian Tvedtnæs has a very distinct set of pipes that make him unique and set him apart from all the generic wannabe rock singers. Adrian Persen ccomes up with terrific, catchy riffs and solos. It's hard to choose any standouts, because really the whole album rocks, top to bottom. Right from the beginning the album starts out with a bang with, "Lost And Wasted", then proceeds to rock your socks off with rockets like, "Come Out", "Rock N' Roll", "One More Time", " #1 Bad Boy" and "Electric". This album represents the very essence of the band, with everything hittin’ harder and rockin’ bigger, no half measures, no punches pulled. The bottom line here is, you put this album on and you won't hit pause. 'Vendetta' by Niterain is just pure balls to wall rock. Proving that rock isn't dead and its far from it. Get a beer and crank this mother up full and rock! Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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