Friday, March 24, 2017

CD REVIEW: MOMENTUM by TwentyDarkSeven

MOMENTUM by TwentyDarkSeven 
(Metropolis Records)

Founded by former PUMP singer and founder Marcus J├╝rgens (also ex-Brainstorm) and guitar wizard Peter Wagner (ex-Wicked Temptation, Piledriver) in January 2013. TwentyDarkSeven return with their sophomore effort, 'Momentum'. The band is completed by Marcel "Selly" Bernhardt on guitar, Christoph Renner on bass and Markus Herzog on drums. Just like their debut, 'Roar', this new album packs one hell of a punch.  The music on this album is first rate pure ball busting hard rock with heavy metal tendencies. The band pulls no punches. Great riffs and melody to be had here. Not a bad song in the bunch highlighted by tracks like, "Stranger Than Fiction", "The Devil's Doom Delight", "Shadows On The Sun" and  "Spoke In The Wheel", will get your head banging and heart racing. 'Momentum', will take you back to the days when metal ruled the world, Accept, Dokken, Judas Priest and Scorpions, yeah those days. Though the band may echo the aforementioned bands. Make no mistake, TwentyDarkSeven bring their own vibe to the table. Clearly the band are invigorated and excited about what they have done and with what the future holds for them, and so they should be. This album is a massive slab of pure hard rock/ heavy metal the kind of album that forces you to crank up the volume and have a blast. If you like to bang your head, you'll definitely have a sore neck blasting this album. 
 Highly Recommended

  • Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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