Monday, May 22, 2017

CD REVIEW: AMBER GALACTIC by The Night Flight Orchestra

AMBER GALACTIC by The Night Flight Orchestra
(Nuclear Blast Records)

Swedish based rockers, The Night Flight Orchestra are back with album number three, 'Amber Galactic'. Just when I thought this band couldn't get any better, they unleash easily one of the best albums to come out this year. The melodies, the lyrics, the arrangements, the production, and the attention to detail are all spot on. 'Amber Galactic', is one of those albums where the band gets everything right. Comprising of Björn Strid on vocals, David Andersson on guitars, Sharlee D' Angelo on bass, Richard Larsson on keyboards, Jonas Källsbäck on drums and  Sebastian Forslund on guitars, percussion. NFO take their classic rock infused sound to a whole new level. Those new to NFO, they are a complex, appealing band with hints of bands that came before them. Think Alan Parson Project with hints of Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Imperial Electric as well as a number of prog rock bands, Barrett era/early post-Barrett era Pink Floyd, none of this really can convey the sound of this incredibly talented band. They rock and also write some of the best guitar riffs and melodies around them. As is evident as soon as the charge of the opening track, "Midnight Flyer" kicks in and you're immediately transported to another place with a barrage of electrifying ecstasy with "Star Of Rio", "Gemini", "Sad State Of Affairs" and ELO-ish vibe of "Jennie", from there its pure rock and roll bliss. What NFO have managed to take all the best elements from their past 2 albums and found the perfect balance of everything I love about this amazing band. A band that deserves to be recognized and it's too bad rock radio today is so lame that they don't play their music. If they could find a way to tour the US opening for some more well known band, I think many people would take notice immediately. A band like, The Night Flight Orchestra just don't get the opportunities here that they used to which is a shame because people can't like what they don't hear or don't know about.  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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  1. Thanks to rock melodic radio I heard "Something Mysterious". And it was like a combination of Survivor and Toto and some other elements that are impossible to quantify. It's drama and intrigue and melodic perfection. The song stuck in my head and I began to investigate their other material. They have a lot in common with Toto because they straddle rock and west coast sounds but then they add a lot of things you can't predict. Rock isn't dead but it's hard to find.