Wednesday, November 29, 2017


LONG WAY BACK TO THE MOON by Galactic Cowboys
(Mascot Records)

They're Back! Houston, Texas based rockers, Galactic Cowboys return with their highly anticipated new release, 'Long Way Back To The Moon', the band's first studio release in seventeen years. The Galactic Cowboys have been one of my favorite bands since 1991. Why?  They've been considered as somewhat of an musical enigma,  a perfect combination of  melodic thrash, progressive metal, and BEATLES-esque harmonies into a genre of its own creation. Some people either love them or hate them. I LOVE them. The new release also features the original lineup of lead vocalist Ben Huggins, drummer/vocalist Alan Doss, guitarist/vocalist Dane Sonnier and vocalist/bassist Monty Colvin. 'Long Way To The Moon' offers up 13  brand new and modern tracks. Even though it's been seventeen years since their last studio release, the boys sound better than ever cranking out songs that contain all the catchy hooks, clever progressive song structure all with the harmonies that Galactic Cowboys have come to fans love. For me, the vibe takes me back to the band's first two albums. As for stand out tracks, "In The Clouds", "Internal Masquerade", "Next Joke" and "Amisarewas", but they're all really good. The amazing thing is how cohesive the album is - it all fits together perfectly! Overall, 'Long Way Back To The Moon' is a triumphant return for the Galactic Cowboys. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah it was! Welcome back boys!
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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