Thursday, December 12, 2013

by Michael Schenker' s Temple Of Rock 

Track Listing: 1. Neptune Rising 2. Where The Wild Winds Blow  3. Horizons 4. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely 5. Rock`n Roll Symphony  6. To Live For The King 7. Land Of Thunder 8. Temple Of The Holy 9. Shine On 10. Bridges We Have Burned 11. Because You Lied  12. Black Moon Rising  13 . Dance For The Piper 14. Faith

Michael Schenker and his trusted Flying V guitar are back for another attack with his latest release, 'Bridge The Gap'. Produced by Michael Schenker and Michael Voss, and engineered by Voss. This is vintage Michael Schenker soaring and mind blowing guitar across every song. Stamping his enthusiastic personality with every note and phrase. Michael's Temple Of Rock features ex-Scorpions bandmates drummer Herman Rarebell and bassist Francis Buchholz, vocalist Doogie White (ex-Rainbow) and Wayne Findlay (Slavior) on seven string guitar and keyboards. The album itself is an explosive collection of brand new songs steeped in shades of dark and light. What would a Michael Schenker recording be without a instrumental opening? Michael offers up, "Neptune Rising" that segues into, "Where The Wild Wind Blows". From the the pace is fast and furious with, "Horizon", "Lord Of The Lost And Lonely" and "Rock 'N' Roll Symphony". Before going in for the kill on tracks like, "To Live For The King", "Land Of Thunder" and powerful, "Bridges We Have Burned". Don Dokken makes a cameo singing on the bonus track,"Faith". There is not a weak track on this album. Every song, 14 total, will give you goose bumps. I've always been a fan of Doogie White' s vocals and on this album his vocals are spot on perfect! The addition of Wayne Findlay adds another dimension to the classic Michael Schenker sound with his Dean 7 string guitar and keyboard orchestrations.  While the rhythm section of Herman Rarebell and bassist Francis Buchholz sounds tight as all heck. Musically and lyrically, 'Bridge The Gap" shows a re-energized Michael Schenker at the top of his game, dynamic and full of energy surrounded by top notched musicians. Many of the rock bands of today are short on melody or on melodic architecture. Many seem to offer tuneless rhythms with plenty of guitar pyro ornamentation, but with none of the melodic developments, structural layers, or ebb and flows that Michael Schenker achieves. Simply put, 'Bridge The Gap is the best album Michael has done in many years and on this new recording He holds nothing back! Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

CRUCIFIED by Love/Hate
(Independent Release)

Love/Hate the band that brought us classics 'Blackout In The Red Room' and 'Wasted in America'; are back with a new album, 'Crucified'. Love/Hate were certainly an enigma in the early 90's, as most pop metal bands were trying to do the Bon Jovi thing with slick ballads and cheesy rockers. Love/Hate basically did the Guns N' Roses thing but a little heavier and less accessible. Sleazy rock music that is a direct descendant of 'Appetite For Destruction', but with more go for broke attitude and musical tricks injected into their songs. If you want to learn how to party or are interested in knowing what getting your rocks off is all about, then Love/Hate paints a Picasso with this recording. Jizzy Pearl's vocals sound better than ever. Every player is firing on all cylinders, the guitar tone and solos are heavy but not always obvious or expected. Every track on this album rocks and hits your senses from all angles! I know it sounds cliche, but true. The lead off single, "Hanging You Out To Dry" is a rocker of a song that begs you to crank it up to the maximum!  The psychedelic mover, "Sunny Day" is vintage Love/Hate. While, "You’re Making Me Nervous" and " I Don’t Want To Be Your Baby" are guaranteed to satisfy your rock and roll taste buds. Then there is, "Love Is All", where Jizzy exhibits his Zeppelin roots. All six tracks are ripe for cranking. 'Crucified', is fresh and in your face and the message is pure and for the ages. Welcome back boys! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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