Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ROCK SINGLES REVIEW @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

by Red February

Red February is a brand new rock band from San Francisco consisting of singer Marcus Cappellazzo, guitarist Markus Spohn, and drummer Sebastian Dunkel. The band's debut single, "Jet Pilot" is a shot of adrenaline that has an infectious groove. It's unique, in that it's a rock song with real soul and it drips with talent and complexity, perfect. The overall groove is infectious and the song's pace is fast and really rocking and it just makes me want to blast the speakers into my ears and rock out! - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Saints Of The Rebellion

Saints Of Rebellion deliver a slab of rock fury that is raw and loaded with riffs that grab you, give you a good shaking and don't let go, and nor would you want them to! The band's debut single, "New American Dream", is monster of a adrenaline rush that is served up with giant guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves with soaring melodic vocals and big hooks. Saints Of The Rebellion pull no punches and hold nothing back! They are upfront and will punish your finest of speakers! - Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Maker
(Raven Black Music)

UK Blues rock band, Maker, Alessandro Marinelli on vocals, Andrew Donaldson on guitar, John Austin on bass, Anthony Brooks on hammond & keyboards and Gavin Donaldson on drums. These gentlemen serve up gritty, rock n soul with a swagger and natural approach that other bands would die for, and spend much time trying to emulate with little success. The Stones, Led Zeppelin and Faces. Maker wear their influences on their sleeves with pride, and are a better and more acceptable band for it. The band's single, "Stop My Heart Dead" touches on every emotion you have and just when you think you just can't take any more, you will be begging for seconds or even thirds!  It's gritty, it's bluesy and it grabs your attention and holds on to it until the very last note. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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