Saturday, February 7, 2015


(Steamhammer Records)

The highly anticipated and long awaited new release from veteran British Hard Rockers, UFO comes to us in the form of, ' A Conspiracy Of Stars, the band's 22nd studio recording to date sees UFO prove that past and present can be blended in a homogeneous whole. Featuring the current line-up for the first time: along with the original members, Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar) and Andy Parker (drums), lead guitarist Vinnie Moore has been a permanent member of the group since 2003, American bassist Rob De Luca joining the fold in 2012. 'A Conspiracy Of Stars' is a strong release consisting of eleven songs which combine everything that the group surrounding frontman Phil Mogg stands for: meaty riffs, distinctive hooks, diverse songwriting, intelligent lyrics and that generally laid-back attitude which we have associated with UFO from the start. The fact that A Conspiracy Of Stars was produced and mixed by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, among others) may be considered another successful element in a thoroughly consistent release.  There is plenty of rocking tunes to be had. Take, for example, tracks like "The Killing Kind" and "Run Boy Run", because both are total shred-fests bubbling over with ripping, fluidly clean melodic guitar soloing.  Then you have the bluesy laid back swagger of tracks, "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" and "Precious Cargo", that guaranteed to give you goose bumps. This is best I've heard the band in years. Phil Mogg' s vocals are on point and Vinnie Moore's guitars are fantastic. Its amazing to hear what this group has evolved into through the years. So, is 'A Conspiracy Of Stars 'going to put UFO back on the map, so to speak, and return them to their earlier, heavier sound from the Schenker days? Not quite, but this is definitely the best Vinnie Moore-era record to date.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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