Sunday, January 17, 2016


INFINITY by Marys Creek
(Escape Music)

Marys Creek return with their sophomore release, 'Infinity',  an even better album than their powerful debut, 'Some Kind Of Hate'. The new album is packed with great rock tunes played by a tight band. Mats Nilsson (vocals), Jonas Hallberg (guitar), Peter Bergkvist (guitar), Roger Blomberg (bass) and Stefan Halldin (drums). As the album unfolds it becomes clear that consistency is something the band has aimed for. The thick textures of the guitars, the drums of Stefan Halldin getting underneath and behind the tunes all topped off by Mats Nilsson's vocals work a certain charm, if ever there was a restrained and tasteful way of recording an album so that everything was louder than everything else then it's been achieved here.  The group's versitility and song selection is a real joy to hear. Every song has a different and unique sound. My favourite tunes....well they would include ,"Hypnotized", "Into Infinity", "On The Other", "Blinded By Darkness" and "My Own Enemy".  The power inherent in the overall sound certainly keeps on making you want to push the volume up just one more notch. Overall, 'Infinity' is a well-written, well-executed rock album. It is as creative as it is powerful, as melodic as it is heavy, as epic as their debut and yet brings a new color, a new shade to their canvas. Take heed, rock fans. With this album, Marys Creek will finally get the respect they deserve. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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