Sunday, January 17, 2016


SALVATION ROAD by Super Vintage
(Grooveyard Records)

Super Vintage's latest release, 'Salvation Road', finds the band giving us a newer sounding style it has to be admitted that this band is more retro, making you think back to the Seventies, or thereabouts. There is nothing wrong with this, because they give us such a great solid rock sound, and we all like a bit of retro at times. The line up for this recording are, Stavros Papadopoulos- Vox, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Panagiotis Zabourlis- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Giorgos Filoppelou- Bass and Lazaros Simitsis- Drums.  'Salvation Road' has so much range. It's a statement of what the band sees and is able to capture musically.  To coin the old phrase - "All killer no filler". In my view, there isn't bad track on the album. If you like 70's style classic rock, with raspy vocals, & catchy guitar riffs this is the album for you. Highlights for me would be, the title track, the foot stomping, "Broke", "Wounded Horse", "Holy Ground", "Seize The Day" and the album closing, "Queen Never Born". A terrific ride of an recording that shows, in complete contrast to the depressing wailings of the trendy indie set, just how joyful and exuberent music can and should be, and how tremendous it can make you feel. Super Vintage have crafted an explosive album filled with steely licks and explosive melodies you'll be playing air guitar to after the first listen. There is something for everyone here. This is definitely music for those who love that good classic sound and enjoy having it blasting out. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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