Monday, May 23, 2016


(Earache Records)

Australian based rockers, Massive return with their sophomore release, 'Destination Somewhere'. Brad Marr on vocals/guitar, Brendan Forward on lead guitar, Aidan McGarrigle on bass and  Jarrod Medwin on drums. I have to say, after extremely impressed with their debut outing, 'Full Throttle', I wondered if the lads would suffer the dreaded "sophomore slump". The album itself is a rock fuelled filled adrenaline rush of old school rock and roll and it's clear from the outset that the album has one intention and that's to rock. So, as far as "the sophomore slump", the lads hands down avoided it. Album highlights include, "One For The Road", "Blood Money Blues", both tracks picking up where the lads dished out on their debut. The built for the arena appeal of, "The Fall", the title track and "Circus" will likely be memorable tracks that will please everyone. The production is more refined than on their debut, the sound is richer and has more depth, you can hear the sum of the parts more clearly, and I like that. Overall, ' Destination Somewhere' is that this is a damn good, solid rock album with a lot of depth, one of those albums you can listen to over and over and still find something new or find yourself enjoying the songs you weren't so keen on first time around.  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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