Sunday, April 9, 2017

CD REVIEW: ALL IN TIME by Stone Broken

ALL IN TIME by Stone Broken
(Stone Broken Music)

'All In Time' is the powerhouse debut from UK rockers, Stone Broken.  Comprised of, Rich Moss on lead vocals and guitar,  Chris Davis on lead guitar and vocals, Kieron Conroy on bass and vocals and Robyn Haycock on drums and vocals. The band formed in late 2013 from the fragments of two local bands.  Rich, Kieron, Chris & Robyn, have put together a dynamic band that serve up a huge chunky rock sound with huge choruses. Coming across as a hybrid of Nickelback with Black Label Society tendencies. That being said, make no mistake, Stone Broken is it's own beast and bring their own attitude and vibe to the table. 'All In Time' is an impressive rock album full of powerful in your face rockers that have great hooks. You are launched into this wonderful world with the in your face rocking opening track "Not Your Enemy" and from there the album doesn't not let up, delivering one storming song after another in the form of, "Better", "Be There", "Let Me Go" and "Fall Back Down". There is literally not a bad song on this one. The song and sound quality is very good on this album, and all of the songs are just straight up rockers.  The combination of pace, power and enjoyment in the studio is rarely captured. Stone Broken have managed to do that to great effect and deliver the goods in spades! Extremely impressive!!
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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