Wednesday, April 26, 2017


DYING EMBERS by Shape Of The New Sun
(Lion Pride Music)

'Dying Embers' the amazing debut outing for the Swedish rock outfit Shape Of The New Sun is such a strong and diverse album I am not quite sure where to begin? How about giving you a quick low down on the four amazing musicians that make up this amazing band. Thomas Kihlberg on vocals and guitar gifted with strong vocals that range from soaring high to swooping low tones. In Ivan Persic on guitar the band have a awesome guitarist. Be warned some of Persic's riffs and solos will snarl and spit venom from your speakers, such is the passion with which he plays. While Håkan Holmström on bass and Tomas Persic on drums form a massively powerful rhythm section. The album is laced  
with eleven really strong tracks laced with great grooves. Highlights include, "Babylon", the title track, "Ghost From The Past", "Majestic" and "Worth Dying For". The high quality is maintained throughout. ' Although the band my draw their musical influences from the past, it's clear Shape Of The New Sun are an amazing rock band in their own right. Dying Embers' proves itself to be a great debut album. Mixing up fast, mid-paced and a few slower tracks to good effect, showing a very talented band, hopefully, on the rise.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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