Wednesday, February 14, 2018

CD REVIEW: GRIMMEST HITS by Black Label Society

GRIMMEST HITS by Black Label Society
(Metal/Entertainment One)

Black Label Society are back with their tenth studio release, 'Grimmest Hits'. While the title might insinuate that it's a greatest hits package, it's not, the material is new and like they have with their previous outings BLS unleash what they do oh so well. Intense in your face guitar riffs that beg to be cranked to maximum volume!  For me, it's the BLS's strongest release to date. It has that vibe of 'Sonic Brew' and 'The Blessed Hellride' combined with the laid back swagger of 'Book Of Shadows' and 'Hangover Music'. Album highlights include, “Trampled Down Below”, "Seasons Of Falter", "All That Once Shined", "Room Of Nightmares", "The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away" and "Illusions Of Peace", but all twelve tracks deliver the goods. 'Grimmest Hits' shows BLS expanding and exploring their roots while still remaining true to their fans. Zakk Wylde's songwriting skills keep getting better with each album. The bottom line here is, this is a recording of powerful music and wide range selection. Zakk and the rest of the Doom Crew have cranked out another masterpiece. Its not more of the same, its more of what we need. Rock on! Black Label Society.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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