Saturday, March 3, 2018


WHAT'S IN TRIXIE'S CLOSET? by Closet Monster 96 
(Grooveyard Records)

Powerful studio recording, 'What's In Trixie's Closet?', from South Dakota based rockers, Closet Monster 96 is what I would describe as a record that falls along the lines of a metallic-influenced hard rock album with an alternative hard rock vibe and I love it! Comprised of Jon Koopman lead vocals, keyboards, Mike Dresch guitars, backing vocals, Mike Pennock guitars, Brian Masek bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and Jeff Koller drums, backing vocals. The band fires on all cylinders throughout this eleven song, juggernaut listening experience. Jon Koopman leads the charge with vocals that are truly top-notch, as he delivers a truly empowering and inspiring performance that engraves itself onto the listener's frontal lobe after only one listen. And he is backed up by more than ample musical propulsion, from the dual guitar work of Mike Dresch and Mike Pennock to Brian Masek's steady bass work, and Jeff Koller's organic-sounding drum fills. The end result is a heavy, meaty hard rock effort. The whole album from start to finish is excellent, it's so diverse, some tracks such as the opener, "The Way It Has To Be", "Running Blind", "Lost" and "Time Will Tell It's Tale" are hard hitting rockers, where as tracks such as "No Time" and "Box Of Clues" are a bit laid back but still have enough swagger to stop you dead in your tracks. All in all 'What's In Trixie's Closet?' is a strong album that is packed with riffs that get stuck in your head.  If you're interested in a heavy, album with great musicianship, odd time signatures, swagger filled vocals and great hooks, 'What's In Trixie's Closet?' is something you're gonna treasure and want to experience. Closet Monster 96 is the real deal and total package..Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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