Monday, March 26, 2018


FORTRESS by Steel City
(Kivel Records)

'Fortress', the adrenaline pumping debut release from Steel City, will have your undivided attention once you press play. The band is a band made up of two of the newest upcoming stars in the melodic rock scene. Mike Floros (Guitarist) and Bryan Cole (Vocals) along with Scott Watson (bass, backing vocals) and Ron McCloskey (drums, backing vocals). Their debut outing is the complete package from vocals to musicianship, every song has enough hooks and punch to satisfy every melodic rock sweet tooth on the planet. Everything blends nicely and I've enjoyed listening to the entire album several times over. Highlights include the awesome chorus hook of the energetic opener "Do You Love Me", the massive power of "Heart And Soul", the groove laden "Picture Of Beauty", the intense rock groove of numbers like, "Too Little To Late" and "Rock In The USA". As well as a killer take on The Vinnie Vincent Invasion classic, "Back On The Streets". Their are NO fillers on this record, top notch players and vocalist, rock solid production. Strong lyrics, not all about sex,drugs, rock & roll lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind lyrics like that. But Steel City gives the listener a whole other spectrum in their lyric writing. I would highly recommend this album to any fan of melodic hard rock fan. Heck, I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates superior production, songwriting and musicianship regardless of their musical taste.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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