Monday, May 7, 2018


REAL MACHINE by Supercharger
(Gain Music)

Another supercharged release by Copenhagen's Supercharger. This band just keeps pushing and pushing, they're music is consistent quality and most importantly they're unique sound is unlike any other band....its all they're own and on their latest release, 'Real Machine', the boys deliver the goods! Serving ten rocking tracks that are loaded with tons of attitude and swagger. The band is comprised of, Linc Van Johnson (Vocal), Thomas Buchwald (Lead guitar), Karsten Dines Johansen (Bass), Ronni Clasen (Keys,Harp,Guitar,Perc.) and Benjamin Funk (Drums). From the opening adrenaline pumping, "Off We Go" to rocking tracks like, "Shake It Up", "The Ride", "Another One To Die" and the album closing, "Forsaken Sin" this new album doesn't let up one bit. This album doesn't have one bad track. 'Real Machine' signifies a level of maturity for Supercharger whereby they aren't worried about producing rock music that appeals to more than just fans of rock music - I sincerely hope so as this is a band and album of quality that deserves wider exposure and audience. If you've never listened to Supercharger before, this is the album to start with. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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