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Q AND A with BIG CITY from Norway

Q AND A with BIG CITY from Norway
by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Norwegian BIG CITY is a new melodic heavy metal band, but the members behind have tons of years and experience in the music industry. Guitarist, Daniel Olaisen, had considered a 80’s heavy metal band for ages and finally put some of his ideas together early in 2009. He contacted former band colleague in the band Scariot, Frank Ørland, also on guitar, to do some shredding leads but also contributing with riffs. A tip from a friend led us to Le’Brandt and his amazing vocals.y

He totally liked the demo songs Daniel and Frank recorded in Daniel’s home studio and soon put on some vocals inspiring us even more to get this band going. Daniel searched some forums and got in contact with this young and talented drummer, Frank Nordeng Røe. He was professional and dedicated from the very beginning. Geir Inge Olsen completed the band when he joined in on bass guitar. The band's debut album, Wintersleep, was recorded and released by the band in August 2013. 

The band's highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Big City Life', is set for release later this year. So, what can we expect from the band this time around? We asked the band a few questions about the new album and couple other things. Here's what they shared with us.

Q: What can your fans expect from the new album?

A: Pretty much a big step further in every positive direction. There's not a bad song on this album and it has powerful ballads, mellow ballads, heavy and groovy stuff and some up-tempo songs!

Q: What was your musical approach to, ‘Big City Life’? How does it differ from, ‘Winter Sleep’?

A: First of all, the production is much better this time. The songs on Wintersleep are great, no question about it, but I think it's even more catchy on Big City Life with some songs having a great potential to reach out there. The singer has also stepped everything up and it just sound like a really big 80's heavy rock album!

Q: Do you plan to do shows this Summer to promote the new album? What are the chances on coming to America?

A: Yeah, we are doing our first live shows with Big City and we have several shows and festivals, but the biggest one is this summer with major acts like Accept, Staus Quo etc, so it's a great start for us. I think we need to play quite much here in Europe and make a name before we can even consider the US. I don't know 80's rock/metal is doing in the US, but we are definitely ready to put that undying genre on the map again in US too!

Q: Speaking of America. What do you think it will take for you to get noticed here?

A: Oh, that one is hard. I mean, with this jungle of bands out there and Big City being nothing super original or crazy stuff, I just think we have to continue making great songs, get aired a lot and maybe one day someone wants to bring us over. Anything is possible!

Q: For those new to Big City, how would your describe your band and sound?

A: It's extremely melodic. Great lead guitars and most importantly, an excellent singer making catchy hooklines and BIG choruses. Very 80's heavy metal/rock, but with a modern and original twist to it!

Guys, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. 

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