Tuesday, June 12, 2018


(Rock Of Angels)

The highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Big City Life' from the Norwegian based melodic prog rockers Big City is proof positive that the dreaded "Sophomore Slump", does not effect every band. Picking up where the left off with their powerful debut, 'Wintersleep' (which is added as a bonus disc with this release), the maturity of the band is simply tremendous. Comprised of, Jan Le Brandt on vocals, guitarist, Daniel Olaisen, Frank Ørland, on guitar, Miguel Pereira on bass and Frank Nordeng Røe on drums. The band have created a high precision progressive rock album that is both exhilarating and intense. The musical chemistry is tight as a glove and the vocals are on point. There are no songs worth mentioning that are to be avoided. This is a recording where every song is exceptional. Highlighted by the likes of the adrenaline pumping opening , "Big City Life" that opens the album. "Daemon In The Dark", "From This Day", "Running For Your Life", the haunting, "Forgive Me Now" and "Tower Of Babylon". The lyrics are brilliantly imaginative and each song's melodic construction masterful. Jan Le Brandt's powerful vocals will amaze you with his tremendous vocal range, as well as the amazing riffs and solos of the six string duo of Daniel Olaisen, Frank Ørland. The rhythm section of Miguel Pereira and Frank Nordeng Røe cannot be denied either. The bottom line here is, if you like well written rock music performed with precision and with a dynamic range, Big City is for you. This is a band hitting their stride and is definitely on the way up! Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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