Friday, March 6, 2015


(Frontier Records)

The highly anticipated new release from AOR giants FM comes in the form of 'Heroes And Villains', the band's ninth studio release. FM is, Steve Overland - lead vocals, guitar, Merv Goldsworthy - bass, backing vocals , Pete Jupp - drums, backing vocals , Jem Davis – keyboards, backing vocals, Jim Kirkpatrick - lead guitar, backing vocals. I've been a fan of Steve Overland going back to the band's 'Indiscreet' album. The new album is loaded with great songs, catchy summer sounding choruses and fantastic production.  Steve Overland's voice is as soulful and powerful as ever, and it would be remiss not to mention Jim Kirkpatrick's outstanding lead guitar. Some of his solo work has to be heard to be believed, and fits the songs like white on rice. From opening, Digging Up The Dirt", to AOR gems like, "You're The Best Thing  About Me" and  "Life Is A Highway". The album also has it share of power ballads such as "Call On Me" and "Walking With Angels". As far as to compare to the band's previous releases, 'Heroes And Villains' would sit perfectly between 'Indiscreet' and 'Tough It Out', which I think says a lot. It is a very enjoyable collection of songs, somewhat retro in flavor and should be enjoyed as such. 'Heroes And Villains' has to be, in my opinion, one of FM's strongest releases, it shows how much the band's sound has evolved compared to their earlier recordings. FM have to be one of the most under-rated bands out there, and why they haven't had the recognition they deserve just blows me away! Awesome job Gents! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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