Monday, March 2, 2015


RISE ABOVE THE NOISE by Trucker Diablo
(Independent Release)

Irish rockers, Trucker Diablo are back with their latest release, 'Rise Above The Noise'. Tom Harte : Vocals, Guitar, Simon Haddock : Vocals, Guitar, Jim McGurk: Bass and Terry Crawford : Drums. There is something about a band that can still make the Rock N' Roll music that we enjoy this late in the game. Where many bands are looking for softer sides, or are going to sell out in order to get their product through, Trucker Diablo sticks to what they want to write and sing, and it shows. From start to finish, 'Rise Above The Noise' rocks and rolls through the emotional songs to the get up and fight songs there really isn't a weak spot on the album. Trucker Daiblocontinues to refine their modern southern flavored rock sound, bringing on a heavy hand while still remaining melodic. There isn't really any weak moments here,most of the tracks have a groove of their own but combine catchy sing along choruses as reflected by strong tracks like "Fight Life", "Party Like They Started The End Of The World", the melodic gem, "Somebody Save Me", that has radio hit written all over it. While tracks like the supercharged movers, "We Stand Strong" and "Girl in a Photograph" are guaranteed to get your blood pumping in no time flat! The album contains its fair share of ballads in the form of "Where Angels Fly", "Take Me to the River" and the album closing "Don't Cry".  Overall, 'Rise Above The Noise' is a strong mature album from a band who have now perfected their craft of making really catchy meaningful rock songs. So far, 'Rise Above The Noise' is easily one of the best rock album released this year. Trucker Diablo is a band who could easily be a major name in hard rock in years to come. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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  1. Great album and can't disagree with the review. A definite progression.