Sunday, November 15, 2015

CD REVIEW: 10 STONES by Stone Machine

10 STONES by Stone Machine
(Lions Pride Music)

If ever we needed a solution to the self consciously stylised over-hyped "art-pop-rock" being peddled in the so-called mainstream music industry, ladies and gentlemen, we have Stone Machine. Jason Mays (vocals), Dirk Blevins (guitar), Matt Parkins (guitar), Jamie Hall (bass, backing vocals) and Jeremy Hall (drums). The band's latest release, '10 Stones' is a best of compilation featuring ten smoking tracks from the bands first three releases. "Dirty Sweet", "South Mama" and "Queen Without A Crown", from their self titled debut. From the band's sophomore release, 'American Honey' you have, "Better Days", "Long Road" and "Corn Bread". From their third release, 'Rock Ain't Dead", you get the titled track and "Mr. Blues". Plus 2 previous unreleased tracks, "Use You Up" and "Slowdown" featuring Dirk Blevins on vocals. High-energy, soulful and powerful blues rock that will really get you up and shakin' what you've got.  Classic rock fans will eat this up. Exuberant rock music played with guts, power and shedloads of skill that captures perfectly the excitement and joy of the shared experience which is great Rock `n Roll. Yes, their Free and Zeppelin influences shine brightly, but this is no cheap 70's rip off outfit. Stone Machine is set to re-energize and revive the blues rock and take it to a new generation. "21st Century Classic Rock" at it's finest. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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