Thursday, November 19, 2015

CD REVIEW: SPEEDWAY by Blood Red Saints

SPEEDWAY by Blood Red Saints
(Frontier Records)

A stunner of a debut release, ' Speedway', by Blood Red Saints is straight ahead, melodic rock at it's finest. Influences like FM , Dare and Giant can be easily recognized in their sound. The band was formed by singer Pete Godfrey (In Faith) and bassist Rob Naylor (Angels Or Kings). Rounding out the band are,  Lee Revill on guitar (Gary Hughes) and on drums Pete Newdeck (In Faith).  This band sounds tight and energetic. There really isn't a bad song on the album. The guitar hooks are amazing, and the melodies lodge themselves in your head instantly. Speaking only for myself, the standout songs here are the album opener, "Kickin' Up Dust", "Mercy", "Best Of Me" and the mid tempo mover "Dangerous", laced with some tasty Lee Revill guitar licks. There are 2 more standouts, "Better Days " and made for rock radio gem, "Wrapped Up In These Arms". Everything blends nicely and I've enjoyed listening to the entire album several times over. The biggest treat, to me, is the killer vocals that Pete Godfrey delivers on this recording. His singing is incredibly easy on the ears and well suited to this style of music.  The bottom line is 'Speedway' by The Blood Red Saints simply has everything that melodic rock fans want: catchy choruses, giant melody, and tasty guitar riffs. The performances by all involved are through the stratosphere and have laid down a very high benchmark for the band to reach should they return to record another album. What might follow could be mind blowing if this debut outing is anything to go by. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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