Friday, June 10, 2016


ACID ROULETTE by Scorpion Child
(Nuclear Blast Records)

Five piece rock band out of Austin, Texas Scorpion Child are back with their sophomore effort, 'Acid Roulette'. Aryn Jonathan Black on vocals, Christopher Jay Coward on lead guitar, Alec “Mexecutioner” Padron on bass guitar, Aaron John “AJ” Vincent on keyboards and Jon “Charn” Rice on drums. The band pick up where they left off on their debut, dishing out guitar-driven rock that  reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and a heavier version of Sir Lord Baltimore but to describe Scorpion Child that simply would be to do them no justice. A band burgeoning with each release, Scorpion Child are not losing sight of what true, hard rock and roll is; no dull musical acrobatics here. Just full of in your face hard rock music packed with tons of swagger.  “She Sings, I Kill,” sets things off in rocking fashion showing that the band is definitely not suffering from the dreaded "sophomore slump". Not pulling their foot off the pedal the band rock on with, "Reaper’s Danse", "My Woman In Black", the title and  "Winter Side Of Deranged". While casting a darker edge on tracks like, “Blind Man’s Shine” and “I Might Be Your Man,” you hear that the hypnotic melodies still sprint around without any snail racing or smoogy doom.  All in all, ' Acid Roulette' is an infectious listen that  will have hair flying and air guitars on full stun. This is music that requires speakers to be on “11”! Just crank it up and zone out.   Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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