Monday, June 6, 2016

CD REVIEW: II by Billy Satellite

II by Billy Satellite
(AOR Heaven Records)

Oakland, California's Billy Satellite 1984 debut on Capitol Records, in my opinion, was one of the most delightful 'lost treasures' I have ever heard. It one great rock record. The songs overall are excellent and the production is really good. Featuring, the guitar driven, "Satisfy Me" and rock ballad, "I Wanna Go Back". The other cool thing was that not one member of the band was named Billy Satellite!  Well, as Myles Goodwyn of April Wine penned, " Rock and Roll is a vicious game." When the band moved over to A&M Records, the band's A&R man John Carter was replaced at Capitol by Jimmy Iovine. As a result, the second Billy Satellite album was quietly shelved and the band was dropped. Luckily for us, the folks at AOR Heaven records have released Billy Satellite's sophomore release, simply titled, 'II'.  Monty Byrom (vocals, guitar), Danny Chauncey (guitar, backing vocals),  Ira Walker (bass, backing vocals), Thomas "Fee" Falletti (drums) and Bill Coumo (keyboards). The album was produced by Keith Olsen at his famous Goodnight L.A. Studio. So was it worth the wait? I say, better late than never. Album opener "You And Me And The Night" has great rock hooks, as does the catchy "Sorry." The rest of the album fits in my decade, of choice AOR rockers, such as rockers like "Girls Like You," and "Secrets in Her Heart". As well as smooth power ballads in the form of, "You Got Nothing On Me" and "Turning Pages". As I listened to the album,  I wondered if Billy Satellite would've lasted longer if this album would have been released when it was supposed to to be. I think they would have. I really think this group could have done things. Billy Satellite' 'II' gives us an insight as to what might have been. Such as shame for the short time they stayed together. I just hope someday Billy Satellite could give us another one!!! Who knows? (fingers crossed).  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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