Wednesday, June 22, 2016


SILVER HORSES by Silver Horses

Debut album from Silver Horses the Anglo/Italian rockgroup comprising vocalist Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Gianluca Galli (Mantra - Time Machine) guitar, Andrea Castelli (Shabby Trick, Cappanera, Mantra) bass, and Matteo 'Bona' Bonini (MGRB) drums. The band's self-titled debut release is far from a flimsy and insubstantial collaboration between friends, but is an extremely well put memorable album that both stands up musically on its own merits and flows well from beginning to end. The vibe of the band's sound is akin to early Led Zeppelin with a dash of Whitesnake From the opening groove of 'Rub It On Me'  to the closing moments of 'Who's Holding On To You' this is superb, a cohesive collection of tracks that flow seamlessly into each other. Other highlights include; "Diamond Sky, "Secret Service", "Silver Horses" and "You're Breaking My Heart (Don't Do It)". These songs are solid and will remind you of decades past and will make you smile.In a nutshell, Silver Horses are a great band and this debut album is a strong effort that is well produced, musically interesting and stylistically excellent. Give it a few listens to grow on you and pretty soon you will find an album that is worth returning to again and again.   Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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