Thursday, February 9, 2017

CD REVIEW: LOCK & LOAD by Rebel Road

LOCK & LOAD by Rebel Road
(Independent Release)

Swedish based rockers, Rebel Road debut outing, 'Lock & Load'  is raw with riffs that will grab you, give you a good shaking and don't let go, and nor would you want them to! The band is comprised of, Ulrich Seppenen on guitar and lead vocals, Stefan Karlson on guitar, Niklas Larsson on guitar, organ and vocals, Markus Johansson on bass and Henrik Gajewska on drums. Rebel Road serve up southern flavored rock music you want to roll down your windows in your car and turn up full blast so everyone can hear it. A full-throttle modern rock band, with guitars that rock and a shuddering rhythmic attack. The southern influences are obvious and the music is engaging and all consuming. Not one track on the album disappoints as so many other albums do. The songs that grabbed my initial attention were, "Six Ways To Sunday", "We Come Alive", " Apt 17" and "Rollin'", but overall the whole album rocks in many different ways. All in all, ' Lock & Load' is a rock solid listen throughout and you never get bored, you always think, one more song before you skip to the next track and by the end of it, you've gone through the whole thing and loving it. This is rock music for people who like the sound of an engine roaring or the feeling obtained by following a cold beer with a shot of whisky. Rebel Road will gladly kick your ass, and then wait for you to say thank you. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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