Friday, February 3, 2017


SAINTED SINNERS by Sainted Sinners
(El Puerto Records)

One of the most anticipated rock releases of 2017, Sainted Sinners is the band fronted by the unique and powerful singer David Reece (ex-ACCEPT) and amazing guitar player Frank Pane. The rock rhythm section of, Malte Frederick Burkett on bass and drummer Berci Hirleman, who also produced the album was mastered by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan music studios. Wow! Talk about making one Hell of a first impression! Here is a band with old school values. Similarities to classic rock bands and well-known rockers aside, Sainted Sinners are more than imitators and resurrectionists. yes, they've captured the 'sound' of certain iconic artists from back then, but they don't exploit the success of their predecessors so much as pay homage to the talent and passion that led to their fame. Sainted Sinners indeed draw upon mid/late 70s hard rock, integrating early-"Whitesnake"-like riffs, "Rainbow"-like melodies. You can't help but think of these influences when you hear these songs. Highlights include the cracking opening track "Knight Of The Long Knives",  "Beauty In The Beast", the massive Zeppelin influenced rocker, "The Love That I Found",  "In Need", that oozes ZZ Top on overdrive, "Shine Diamond Girl" and the powerful album closing, "Truth Is A Lie." The band's debut outing might not be as memorable as the classic Whitesnake album 1987 but it is definitely a solid album that delivers a high quality hit of classic rock that will satisfy fans of the genre. Listening to Sainted Sinner took me back to those glory days. It reminded me how great this music was and still can be today. What this powerhouse of a band have done here is tapped into a tried and true formula that works, there is no reinventing the wheel here, just great song writing, melody, edgy guitar and passion for the genre. Well done Sainted Sinners!Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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