Friday, September 1, 2017


BEAR BONE COMPANY by Bear Bone Company
(Sliptrick Records)

The Swedish based juggernaut known as Bear Bone Company breakout onto the scene with their powerhouse self titled debut release that is loaded with 10 ball busting tracks that will pommel your speakers. Comprised of B.K. guitar, lead vocals, J.Martin on bass, vocals and Knauz on drums. What can I say, this trio proves without a doubt  that rock is not dead and they can still make a stunning album. You can definitely hear Black Label Society and at time Volbeat in there work. But don't think that means they have copied them. Some how they have taken everything that has come before them and made it there own. The opening track, "Fade", kicks the album off in rocking fashion with its driving guitar riff intensity that bleeds into "Kiss N Tell" which is a ball buster of track. Other tracks guaranteed to get your rock and roll juices flowing, "Down In Flames", "Way Back Home", "Drinkin' Time" and "Hangin'". The trio is tight, powerful and their musicianship is on point. The songwriting is straight and to the point, cleanly and well produced and recorded, just allowing a listener to get their rocks off. Great, not overly-indulgent solos great rhythm section. Nothing is lacking on this debut album, I hope they're just getting started. 
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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