Thursday, September 14, 2017

SHADES OF GRAY Q&A with Myke Gray by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Q&A with Myke Gray
by The Dedicated Rocker Society
(Photo credit: Ross Halfin)

Guitarist Myke Gray caught my attention back in the late 80's when I heard his playing on the Ep 'Trouble' by the band Jagged Edge U.K.. Even through was just an Ep, Gray's guitar playing blew me away! What sealed the deal for me as being a true fan was when the band released their debut, 'Fuel For Your Soul', considered by many in the melodic rock arena as an instant all time classic. Unfortunately,  after the release the band called it day. But it wouldn't be the last we would hear of Myke Gray. He would later showcase his amazing talents in the bands SKIN and RED, WHITE & BLUE. Fast forward to 2017 and a new chapter in the musical journey of Myke Gray who is set to release his long awaited and highly anticipated debut, 'Shades Of Gray' later this month.

Wanting to get Myke's thoughts and insights on the release of his debut, I sent off the following questions to Myke, that he kindly to the time answer. Here's what he shared with me.

Q: Are you satisfied with how, 'Shades Of Gray' turned out? 

Myke Gray:  My main hope is that the people who have supported me for 30 years are satisfied - it's a big responsibility not to let them down - it weighs heavy on my mind.

Q: Who are the musicians, besides you, playing on the album? Are you handing the vocals?

MG: The drums were played by Matthew Blakout on bass Hannah Fox. Some vocals by Lorraine Crosby and I play all the guitars.

Q: How many songs did you actually write for the album?

MG: I wrote 13 but only 10 will be on the album and until they are all finished I won't know.

Q: Musically, how would you describe the musical vibe of the album?

MG: The album is a thank you to the fans and a tribute to all the guitar players that have influenced me in my musical evolvement.

Q: Will you be playing shows for the album?

MG: I have promised that if the 1000 CDs sell I will do a concert - we are halfway there already.

Q: Any words for your fans, you would like to pass along?

MG: My message to the fans is Thank you for your faith and love and I hope I don't let any of you down.

Myke, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

MG: My pleasure thank you for your support

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