Thursday, September 21, 2017

CD REVIEW: II by Boyce

II by Boyce
(Independent Release)

'After one play of II by Boyce, I was ready to play it again! A great first impression and a rock solid album. Catchy rock melodies seem to becoming a lost art but this album is filled with them, as well as top-rate guitar playing and solid vocals by Gregory Boyce Halls. The album is packed with a solid  collection of melodic rock songs that well written and performed on point. The production is solid all around. As a whole is strong from start to end but song highlights for me are , "The Fugitive", "Over And Over Again", "You And I" and "Through The Storm". In this day of quick release mp3 tracks where so much of the music is processed and devoid of passion or melody it is nice to have an musician like Gregory Boyce Halls putting out a rock solid recording filled with killer melodic rock songs for those us rockers that appreciate music you can still crank up and sing out with while cruising down the road. 'II' by Boyce is a rocking, energetic album from start to finish.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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  1. I love all of Gregory Boyce Halls music...I have been listening to him play for years ...He is an amazing musician!! I am one of his biggest fans...I look forward to hearing more music played by him in the future....