Monday, September 29, 2014

CD REVIEW : PGP 2 by Pinnick Gales Pridgen

PGP 2 by Pinnick Gales Pridgen 
(Magna Carta Records)

The powerhouse trio that is dUg Pinnick (King s X) on vocals and bass, Eric Gales (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill) on vocals and guitars and Thomas Pridgen (ex-The Mars Volta) on drums return with their highly anticipated follow-up to their powerful debut simply titled, 'PGP 2'.  Their debut release blew me away and this recording takes that mind blowing experience I had when I first heard them to a whole new level!  Just when I thought the genre of blues rock had been exhausted and could ever be ignited again, along comes this vibrant and refreshing album from a trio of rock music's most experienced and respected musicians. Pinnick, Gales and Pridgen excel on this album and have grown into an extremely tight powerful unit. Three virtuosos musicians at the top of their games sounding more like a band that played together for decades under their belts rather than being thrown together to jam. 'PGP 2' opens like a lit match on gasoline with the smoking  "Every Step Of The Way", the trio's tight chemistry is felt through Pinnick's soulful vocal delivery, Gales's sizzling guitar work and Pridgen's driving beat. Next up is the down and dirty bluesy swagger of, " Not My Time To Die" followed by the supercharged groove of, "Psychofunkadelic Blues". The trio shift gears with Zepp-ish vibe of "Watchman", and ballys "Have You Cried?" There is not a dull moment anywhere on this album. Thomas Pridgen is brilliant on the drums. Eric Gales is a genius. Just smoking guitar playing throughout as well trading lead vocal duties with dUg Pinnick (doing a damn good job at that). Speaking of Mr. Pinnick, he is singing and playing bass as well as ever. 'PGP 2', is a must have for all those rockers out there that still crave for the days of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream or Vanilla Fudge. I will say this, if those bands had formed in this millennium they would face some stiff competition from this lot. With this second album, Pinnick, Gales and Pridgen fulfill their potential and deliver another powerhouse slab of driving blues rock music, proving to be more than just a cash in on nostalgia, but a strong musical force to be reckoned with and  genuinely appreciated. Absolutely brilliant! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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