Tuesday, September 30, 2014


S/T (Ep) by The Wild Beyond
(Big Round Music/UltraMegaSound Records)

"The Wild Beyond' s 5 song self titled EP blends a high-octane rock n roll vibe with a space like psychedelic freak out. Sweet, trippy hooks are plastered with thick, heavy sonic overload. There's a distinctly black-light brilliance in the flashy leads that punctuates the shoegaze/metal drone-roar of the pummeling rhythms. According to the mastermind behind the band, Max Hodes, “We’re playing rock music from a jazz head,”, one thing is for certain, your senses will be thoroughly ROCKED! Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, The Wild Beyond demands your undivided attention as soon as you press play and, "Fire’s Body,” blasts out of your speakers. From there the band hold nothing back and put the hammer down with the riff laden rockers,  ”Wake Up”, “Just One Drop” and “Reflex Driver". The vocals are smooth and layered over the dreamy guitars to take you on a wild ride.The guitars are heavy and spaced out, the drums are in your face and the vocals and bass pickup their necessary duties. Overall, this debut outing for The Wild Beyond is a powerful rock n roll record to take us into the 21st century!  The Wild Beyond will fuel a new generation of rockers who will be able to fill the overgrown ampitheatre with enough blare to make even the most jaded ear bleed. High caliber, hypnotic drone/psych rock for the ultimate zone-out. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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