Wednesday, September 24, 2014


THIS IS WHO WE ARE by Riot Horse
(Metalville Records)

Love the debut album from Swedish rock band, Riot Horse. With a style that infuses classic heavy bluesy rock with heavy riffing and groove, Riot Horse lay the hammer down with their debut album, 'This Is Who We Are'. The band's "horse power" is made up of, Andreas "Adde" Sydow (vocals), Nille ‘Neil’ Schuttman (guitars), Joacim Sandin (bass) and Jonas Langebro (drums). These guys really rock and have great creativity to their songs. The band's debut release, 'This Is Who We Are' has a fresh sound, but is firmly routed in that Classic Rock vibe. In places very reminiscent of Led Zep and many other 70's rock bands. The songs have great hooks and energy - good honest rock. You can hear the influences of a range of bands and periods in this, but it still comes out sounding fresh and original. The opening track "Get Your Hands Up" builds you up for what the band is all about and it just flows into the rocking "Bring'em On" which is just a stunning track. Then you have super charged movers like, "My Mountain", "Going Undercover" and "Shine", that are guaranteed to get your rocks off. Then there is, "Medicine Man"a monster of a track that show just tight this band truly is. If you have heard evern one track by this band and liked it, I would definitely recommend this album to you as it is just stunning.  If you like "classic rock", then this album is for you. Riot Horse is not a band merely copying their influences,  but a band making music whilst wearing their influences on their sleeve. Front to back, 'This Is Who We Are' by Riot Horse is a solid ball of rock and this band deserve your full attention. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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