Friday, September 26, 2014


by American Mafia
(Grooveyard Records)

New York based rock band, American Mafia unleash their powerhouse debut, 'Rock N' Roll Hit Machine', serving up  a hearty dose of classic blues-soaked hard rock that brings back memories of Montrose, Led Zep,Robin Trower-hell,ANY great classic blues rock of the 70's!!  Get this one folks-it ROCKS!!  American Mafia is the brain-child of Tom Jude (Doro Pesch/Holy Water) on guitar & Freddy Villano (Quiet Riot/Widowmaker/Holy Water) on bass, American Mafia also includes Bobby Marks (Dokken) on drums. The band also boasts an  impressive cast of outstanding rock singers,  John West (Badlands/Artension/Royal Hunt), Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/Savoy Brown/Flood the Engine), Don Chaffin (VOX/Red Lamb), Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan/The Lizards), Ed Terry (Rondinelli/Rage & Beyond) & David Knight (Holy Water). All 12 tracks that make up the album are like a fine whiskey on ice, smooth, yet with enough bite to let you know there is fire in that water. The album covers a range like no other, "Obsession" has that hard driving beat that keeps rock music alive, "Every Time" has that Mountain meets Free artistry, while tracks like, "Death & Satisfaction" , "Friendly Fire", "Man On The Flying Trapeze" and a killer cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, "Living In The City"  shows off the band's bravado and tightness, and the slow burning movers "Let Me Know" and "All I Need" yield melodies that surprise. The vocal performances are just amazing and go from an aggressive driving voice right down to passion filled. The bottom line is 'Rock And Roll Hit Machine' is a solid rock recording powered by real musicians playing some of the most refreshing music to come along in a very long time. It's a whiskey drenched rocker of a release. Just like a fine aged whiskey, it taste better with time, goes down easy, & packs a wallop! If you are sick of all the same old junk out there give American Mafia a shot. My only advice is shut your I phone off, pop it in your car, open all the windows and play it loud! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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