Friday, October 31, 2014


BOOGIE FROM HELL by Transport League
(Metalville Records)

After releasing several albums, Swedish based rock outfit, Transport League disbanded in 2005, but reformed  in 2009 by the original members. Tony Julien Jelencovich - Vocals, Guitar, Pete Hunyadi - Lead Guitar, Lars H├Ąglund - Bass and Matt Starander - Drums. The band return with their latest, 'Boogie From Hell'. What the Transport League has done here is bring balls back to hard rock/metal, no fillers no bulls*** just smack you in the face badass rock music that makes you want to let loose and go crazy! Think CORROSION OF CONFORMITY meets VOLBEAT on overdrive. 'Boogie From Hell' is a powerhouse recording that has a lot of Bluesy, Southern Rock Drawl and swagger with loads of attitude . It rocks in the beginning, middle, and end.  The record never stops moving. It is relentless, and what's better than that for any fan of any brand of rock music. The album opens with appropriate vigor with "Swing Satanic Swing", it's undoubtedly heavy, fast-paced, catchy and chock full of intricacies. From there, the album snowballs with the supercharged, full-throttle "Blood Inn", coupled with a brilliantly chunky bridge in which each individual member of the band is allowed time to shine. Other standout tracks are, "Demon Apparatus", "Doctor Demon" and my personal favorite the balls to wall juggernaut,"Holy Mother Fucker". It's very clear that the Transport League are on a mission and took the recording of this album personal. 'Boogie From Hell' is a monster release that will your rock your senses in way unimaginable! It's a trip you're likely to take again and again, and it only gets better each time around. Give it a spin and you'll see. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society /All Access Magazine

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