Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Dedicated Rocker Society CD RECOMMENDATIONS: October 2014

The Dedicated Rocker Society 
For The Month Of October 2014

by Twenty Two Hundred
(Tonequake Records)
Fans of pure in your face, no holds bar raw passioned filled rock and roll will dig what Twenty Two Hundred have to offer. The band's Carnaval De Vénus' is guaranteed to rock your socks off! Turn it up loud and get lost in their sound!  Who says rock is dead?

by Richie Kotzen
(Loud & Proud Records)
Richie Kotzen is REAL talent...REAL musicianship....THE REAL DEAL. 'The Essential Richie Kotzen' set belongs in the collection of anyone who values what REAL talent is all about in music. Thank you Richie! 

THE  LAST GREAT HOPE by Electric Mary
(Independent Release)
'The Last Great Hope' is REAL Rock'n'Roll like it's meant to be. Raw, Energetic, Soulful, Imaginative, Boundary-pushing. Its laced with creativity, blistering vocals and skillful musicianship. Yes there are hints of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Animals, The Black Keys but Electric Mary's sound is all their own. 

THIS IS WHO WE ARE by Riot Horse
(Metalville Records)
Riot Horse is not a band merely copying their influences,  but a band making music whilst wearing their influences on their sleeve. Front to back, 'This Is Who We Are' by Riot Horse is a solid ball of rock and this band deserve your full attention. 

S/T by Red Zone Rider
(Magna Carta Records)
Solid songwriting, excellent instrumentation and vocals powered by inventive and locked-in drumming will put Red Zone Rider on  the radar of lovers of hard rock, classic rock and blues rock. Red Zone Rider will take listeners on a musical journey spanning, at least, four decades. 

PGP 2 by Pinnick Gales Pridgen 
(Magna Carta Records)
With this second album, Pinnick, Gales and Pridgen fulfill their potential and deliver another powerhouse slab of driving blues rock music, proving to be more than just a cash in on nostalgia, but a strong musical force to be reckoned with and  genuinely appreciated. Absolutely brilliant! 

(Independent Release)
If you like hard rock with great vocals, killer bottom end, and groove that's what October Rage is all about. 'Fallout, Dust And Guns' is killer album and comes highly recommended.

S/T by Black State Highway
(Cherry Red Records)
The alchemic reaction of Black State Highway creates on their debut is something totally new, yet comfortingly familiar. If you're looking for powerful songs that rock, performed by musicians who can actually play, fronted by a charismatic singer with stunning range with loads of attitude and soul- this is your band.

S/T by Grinder Blues
(Megaforce Records)
There have been some great new blues/rock releases that have come out this year, and I know of at least 3 or 4 others that I highly recommend as a must buy for 2014, but if you don't get your hands on this debut release from Grinder Blues, I promise you will regret it! 

(Wind Up Records)
Tap into the groove, run with the devil, turn on to the Crobot experience! 'Something Supernatural' is just that SUPERNATURAL! This album can't play loud enough!  Crobot have a sound that rock needs, and I hope they continue to wow us through the years. 

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