Friday, October 31, 2014


FOR THE JOURNEY by Threshold
(Metalville Records)

Seasoned  Progressive Rockers fron the UK, Threshold return with their latest release, ' For The Journey'. Damian Wilson | lead vocals, Karl Groom | guitars, Pete Morten | guitars, Steve Anderson | bass, Richard West | keyboards and Johanne James | drums. 'For The Journey' is filled with everything a fan of this band would want and then some. They may judge it differently, but some will find this less “metal” perhaps compared to 'March of Progress'. It’s not as dense musically on an instrumental level, but the songwriting here is the highlight, and the isolation of instruments and sounds only serves to showcase Damien Wilson’s amazing vocals. In fact, 'For The Journey', in my opinion, may well be his best recorded vocal performance with Threshold. Instead of breaking down these powerful songs, I'll mention the ones that stand out for me: The opening, " Watch Tower On The Moon", a progressive shot of adrenaline that will stimulate your senses to overdrive. The haunting melodic gem, "Unforgiven","Turned to Dust" ,"Autumn Red" and the bonus track, " I Wish I Could". Overall, Threshold have always given their fans something different with each release, and 'For The Journey' is no exception. It's such a shame that the mainstream audience is missing out on such great music from across the pond. Too bad for them on what they're missing out on. If you like Rush, Saga, Dream Theater, Enchant you will love what Threshold bring to the table. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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