Monday, December 15, 2014


FIGHT THE SYSTEM by Massive Wagons
(Off Yer Rocka Records)

Massive Wagons latest release, 'Fight The System' is well worth a listen, with the reliably catchy riffs and sing a long choruses you have come to expect from a band like this. Massive Wagons represent the hard working road loving rockers of old - when success was based on talent and raw energy rather than over production and slick advertising. The band is comprised of, Baz Mills - Vocals,  Adam Thistlethwaite - Guitar, Carl 'Flash' Cochrane - Guitar,  Bowz Bouskill - Bass  and Alex Thistlethwaite - Drums. The energy of 'Fight The System' starts high, with their opening song, “Dirty Little Secrets", and maintains throughout to the last song, “Alive".  All of the eleven tracks here are designed to be listened to at ridiculous levels of abandon that would be unseemly on anyone over 30. There are times when one feels the need to listen to exactly this sort of music. When working out on your punching bag. When blasting down the highway. When you've got a couple of mates over for a drinking session. Non-stop rocking from start to finish - no weak tunes, 'Fight The System' by Massive Wagons deserves to be played LOUD! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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