Thursday, December 11, 2014

CD REVIEW: iDENTITY by Alpha Tiger

iDENTITY by Alpha Tiger
(Steamhammer/SPV Records)

The latest release from German based rockers, Alpha Tiger comes  in the powerhouse form of, 'iDENTITY,'.  After one listen, I can say, Alpha Tiger are the complete package. They play a hard rock music laced with heavy metal overtones and  lads deliver the goods big time! The production and mixing was done by by Tommy Newton (UFO, Victory, Gamma Ray) at the Area 51 Studio in Celle.  Alpha Tiger's music will bring you up and drop you down like a rock. I like that in my metal. Most notable tracks are "Lady Liberty",  "Long Way Of Redemption", the title track, "We Won´t Take It Anymore" and "Closer Than Yesterday" but overall this is the type of recording that doesn't require you to ever use your "skip track" button. The aggressive vocals delivery of Stephan Dietrich is incredible and reminded me of a young Geoff Tate. The melodies, the amazing guitar work (both heavy riffs and insane solos) from Peter Langforth and Alexander Backasch make for lethal combo and the rhythm section of bassist Dirk Frei and David Schleif on drums provide Alpha Tiger with a thunderous and solid foundation. The talent here is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. This record is addictive and will have you coming back to it again and again. I honestly can't spot any weak points. Clearly, Alpha Tiger are invigorated and excited about what they have done and with what the future holds for them, and so they should be. 'iDENTITY' is a massive slab of pure heavy metal. I HIGHLY recommend this album to anyone who enjoys such artists as Dio, Iron Maiden, Queensryche,and other similar great bands. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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