Tuesday, December 9, 2014


SUN RED SUN by Lynch Mob
(Rat Pak Records)

Lynch Mob unleash their 11th studio release, 'Sun Red Sun'. featuring the unique soulful vocal prowess of "Oni Logan", George Lynch playing at his prime, Robbie Crane running the bass at his best, and Scot Coogan rocking out the skins providing the Mob with a rock solid foundation.  Mixed & mastered by Chris “The Wizard” Collier” (Lynch Mob/Lita Ford/KXM). The album packs one hell of a punch loaded with songs that will rock you for days! From the second the powerhouse, "Believers Of The Day", comes blasting out of the speakers, all guns blazing, it is clear that Lynch Mob are pulling no punches and holding nothing back!  George proves that point with the  guitar solo track, “Black Waters” as well as an acoustic ballad called "Sun Red Sun", which is a tribute to the late great Badlands singer Ray Gillen. The album   also features a smoking cover of Bad Company’s "Burnin’ Sky" as well as four re-mastered bonus tracks from the original 'Sound Mountain Sessions' EP: "Slow Drag",  "World of Chance", "City of Freedom" and "Sucka"! Each song absolutely shine with the metallic sheen of a rebuilt, finely tuned classic muscle car. George Lynch not only keeps his chops surgically sharp but has an uncanny knack for organically updating his sound & image without coming across as trying too hard. This is a man who not only dominates the "Art Of Guitar", but knows his way around a catchy hook, with multi platinum accolades to back it up! George Lynch continues to evolve convincingly, with power and grace. LYNCH MOB'S latest release, 'Sun Red Sun' will not disappoint. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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