Thursday, January 15, 2015


CANNIBALS by Richie Kotzen
(Headroom-Inc Music)

'Cannibals' the latest release from Richie Kotzen is very much forged in a funk rock direction. I always get the sense that when Richie Kotzen leans towards his natural funk/soul tendencies, you always get the better, more honest material out of him. Richie's voice is as superb as ever and the production is first class.  Songs like "You", and "Time For The Payment" are laid back; cool and pleasantly intoxicating like a fine chilled champagne, going down easy. However, this does not mean that rock fans should despair. There are plenty of groove laden riffs to get your blood pumping. The title track, "In An Instant", "The Enemy" and the stimulating "Come On Free" come to mind. The beauty of Richie Kotzen's spirit and the fire of passion it holds shines through consistently with this recording without a doubt. By the end of the album I can't help feeling that Richie Kotzen has produced an album that he surely won't be able to top. It's that good. It staggers me that He can keep on producing album year after year and can keep amazing us with his genius like this. I'm a Richie Kotzen fan - plain and simple. The guy has been putting out the highest quality music. If his name is written on it, it's going to be good. I've never been disappointed. 'Cannibals' is a welcome and worthy addition to my Richie Kotzen collection. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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